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Cost of Education

Total Educational Costs
Total Educational Costs for 2013-2014

Lower, Middle, & Upper Schools (PreK-12th)
Tuition $37,100
Books, Supplies, Trips, Technology, Food, Facilities, & Energy $6,500
Total Costs $43,600

At Riverdale, tuition includes lunch, books, and all required activities but does not include after school care for Lower School students or transportation. Families should budget for these additional costs. Additional funds are available to cover some incidental costs for students on financial aid, which might include but are not limited to athletics, trips, and tutoring. Information regarding alternative payment plans can be found below.

A registration fee of $1,000 is paid by all new students upon admission to the school and is applied to the Faculty Retirement Fund.

For information about Financial Aid, please click here.
Payment Plans

School bills are mailed in April for the ensuing year. Three-fourths of the total annual bill is due by June 15 and the remaining one-fourth is due by November 15. To assist parents in paying tuition, the school offers two payment options, one monthly and one quarterly, running from June to March. Parents are advised that, until current bills are paid in full, students may not take final examinations, register for the following year, receive a diploma, or obtain transcripts for admission to colleges or other schools.

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"There is a real sense of community here that I felt at my previous school, and which I was looking for in my high school. Riverdale kids are not like kids from other schools. What can I say? They're just nicer."

—Max L., Class of 2004