Pesia Soloveichik sets up a lab for her physics class.
Pesia Soloveichik created lyrics to “Let It Go” to teach her physics students about Newton’s First Law.

Isaac Newton With Help From Elsa

Pesia Soloveichik likes to have fun with physics, so it wasn’t so surprising that she would think about a karaoke activity to teach Newton’s First Law.

“Newton’s First Law is probably one of the most important things I teach them all year long,” she said. “It’s not intuitive if you think about what it really means.”

Soloveichik, who teaches Applied Physics and Physics 1 to seniors, hunted around for a good song, and found it in “Let It Go” from “Frozen.”

She reworked the lyrics, and Johnny Hager, a professional singer, language teacher, and co-10th grade dean, sang it for the class. You can watch an excerpt here.

Here are Soloveichik’s lyrics:

Newton’s Law shines bright on the world tonight.

No ignorance to be seen.

A universe of knowledge, 

Newton has entered the scene.

People thought that objects moving at constant speed,

An unbalanced force would be making it proceed.

Now tell them all, now let them know,

Be the teacher you always have to be.

Now tell them all, now let them know,

Well, now they know.

It will go, it will go.

Its motion will never change.

It will go, it will go.

Motion will be the same.

I don’t care if they think it’s strange.

You only need a force 

To change motion and to accelerate.

It’s funny how an object stays forever at constant speed.

And forever at the same velocity it will always proceed.

It’s time to proclaim with glee,

An unbalanced force causes change.

That’s right, that’s right, that’s the rule for me.

Newton’s Law you see.

It will go, it will go,

At constant direction and speed.

It will go, it will go,

At constant velocity it does proceed.

If it’s at rest, there it stays.

If it’s moving on, it goes on.

My mind is spinning through the air into the ground.

My heart is spiraling in frozen fractals all around.

And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast.

With no net force, motion’s state is steadfast.

It will go, it will go,

Always at constant speed and direction.

It will go, it will go

At constant speed it proceeds.

Without net force, there is no change,

The motion stays the same.

That’s Newton’s First Law of fame anyway.

“Making the song emphasized how important Newton’s First Law is,” she said.

“I like when people are creative with what they learn, and so this was an opportunity to show that.”