The 2019-2020 edition of Impressions, Riverdale’s arts and literary magazine, is a finalist in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association contest for high school print literary magazines.

Congratulations to the following: Eliot Ingersoll ’20 and Tejasri Vijayakumar ’20 (co-editors); Maia Sporn ’21 (editor of design); Kaitlin Russo ’21 (editor of literature); Tess Whitman ’21 (editor of art); Celine Chung ’20, Katie Dorfman ’20, Kate Groves ’20, Sophia Moore ’20, Olivia Salvage ’20, Abigail Witter ’20, Ariana Kourepenos ’21, Julia Sidorsky ’22, Theo Applebaum ’22, Cherie Chung ’23, Maya Katzive ’23, and Delina Ura ’23 (production); and Jeffrey Edwards, Betsy Fields, and Joshua Merrow (faculty advisors). Read magazine.