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Pre-K students play “Red Light, Green Light” during their orientation visit.

9th graders attend class outdoors.

A Flexible Approach

Riverdale is providing the best learning experiences possible for our students in a variety of modes (in-person, hybrid, and remote). Faculty members worked much of the summer developing curricula, understanding the various tools available to them to improve instruction for remote learning and remote/in-person learning, and planning in-person experiences on our campuses. We have created schedules that allow for flexibility and that can accommodate a range of learning modalities.

As of October 12, we are adding a day of in-person learning for the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. At the Lower School, we are adding Wednesdays as an in-person day, with the A and B cohorts alternating.

Lower School

During the first two weeks of school, all classes were remote and one grade visited the campus each day. Each home base class was divided in half and visited the school for approximately two hours to meet classmates and teachers and become acquainted with the new health protocols.

After Labor Day, the school began a hybrid schedule for students except for those who opted to be remote only. About one-half of the students are on campus on a given day. Home base classes are divided into half-groups, which alternate between on-campus and remote learning. Students who are remote receive instruction via Zoom and follow the same schedule as students who are in class.

Every week, students have four math sessions, four reading sessions, four writing sessions, and three lessons devoted to science, social studies, and student life. Music, art, physical education, and Spanish continue with the same frequency as previously. The schedule also includes time for one-on-one check-ins, academic support, and daily activities with the integrators (drama, play, build, and library).

Middle and Upper School

During the first two weeks of school, all classes were remote. One grade came to the Hill Campus each day for orientation, community-building activities, and meetings with teachers.

After Labor Day, the school began a hybrid schedule. One-third of the students are on campus at any one time and the rest participate remotely. On-campus days are organized by grade. As of October 12, the is as follows: Monday: Grades 6 through 8; Tuesday: Grades 6 through 8 and Grade 10; Wednesday: Grades 9 and 10; Thursday: Grades 9, 11, and 12; Friday: Grades 11 and 12. In order to allow for physical distancing, larger classes are assigned two classrooms, and in some cases, two tents for outdoor meetings. 

Riverdale is prepared to move to a remote-learning plan if the incidence of disease in the community increases. The daily schedule would remain the same: classes meet three times a week, with three nights of assigned homework.