Middle & Upper School

Co-curricular activities are critical for a well-rounded and robust student experience and they will continue this fall. Some activities will happen in person, but most will take place remotely so that we can provide the safest and most flexible opportunities for student, faculty, and staff participation.

The Ivy Preparatory School League has canceled its fall interscholastic season. We will not compete in-person against other schools. Riverdale-based fall sports will take place at times in-person and at other times remotely. Coaches will be in touch with students regarding team-specific plans.

Theater, dance, film, music
The after-school performing arts program will continue remotely. The Middle School and Upper School plan to produce online fall plays. Musicals are also being planned for both divisions in their traditional time slots. Though the majority of rehearsals will be done remotely, there will be opportunities for the casts and crews to gather in-person for show-related experiences.

Lower School

Co-curricular activities will be launched at some point during the early fall. In order to limit situations in which students across different homebase classrooms and/or grades  interact with one another in the same physical space, all of these opportunities will be remote for the time being. We will be reviewing which of our typical offerings might be modified for remote learning and also consider adding different opportunities well suited for a remote environment.