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Outdoor sinks located outside the Upper Learning Building.
Outdoor sinks have been added at both campuses.
Students who become sick at school will be isolated while they await transportation home.

Classroom tents on the Hill Campus.


Classroom spaces have been configured for about half of the usual enrollment. Tents have been set up on both campuses to create learning and meeting spaces for students—36 on the Hill Campus and 19 on the River Campus. Each building has dedicated entrances and exits and there are mono-directional traffic routes within buildings.

Additionally, buildings have been equipped with new cleaning, disinfecting, and ventilating equipment to prevent the spread of illness. Upgrades include:

Single-direction signage
and exclusive entrance and exits to all buildings where possible

Electrostatic disinfection machines
similar to those used to clean the New York City subways

Improvements in air-quality systems
to mitigate the spread of the virus. MERV 13 filters have been installed in many of our air conditioning units and we are installing ionizers in our HVAC units and portable ionizers in some spaces.

Touchless soap dispensers
and touchless faucets in all bathrooms and touchless sanitizer dispensers throughout both campuses

Outdoor sinks
on the Lower School campus

Polycarbonate barriers
in all office spaces to protect people from possible infection. 


The Technology Department has trained faculty in online teaching tools, outfitted classrooms with video cameras for teleconferencing, and made upgrades to the school’s networks to support the increased video bandwidth needed for Zoom and Meet use. Devices have been provided to faculty and students as needed so that they can connect to Riverdale’s online resources. PreK through 2nd Grade students will use iPads for remote learning; 3rd through 12th grades will use Lenovo Chromebooks.