Peer Mentoring

The Middle School peer-mentoring program began in 2007 with two main goals: to ease the transition of 6th graders into the Middle School, and to bolster the cohesiveness of Middle School students across the grades. In the program, 6th graders are grouped into small groups of 10 or 11 students (not the same students as those in their Home Base), which are led by two 8th graders. Through games, activities, and open talking time, 6th graders are given the time and space to get to know one another, and to seek advice about 6th grade, from their slightly elder peers.

Eager to give back to younger students, and the perfect people to advise on all things 6th grade, 8th graders apply for this leadership position in the spring of their 7th grade year. Mentors meet with the Middle School counselor once a week for training and feedback and with their student groups once every two weeks.


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