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We are delighted that you are interested in applying to Riverdale. Below, you will learn about our application process. The goal of our process is to get to know our applicants and their families in as many ways as we can. We look forward to meeting you!

If you are interested in submitting a late application, please contact Jenna King, Director of Admission and Enrollment, at

1. Attend an Open House

Attend an Admission Open House

Admission Open Houses provide a great opportunity to learn more about the school. Each Open House consists of a campus tour, a brief talk by the Head of School, a greeting from the Division Head, and a student-faculty panel. Applicants are not required to attend an Open House. If you do not attend an Open House, you may take a tour of campus once you have submitted an application. We do not visit classrooms at this time of the year. However, we invite those students who receive offers of admission to visit classes in February and March.

Please visit to create an account. Look for Riverdale Country School in the Online Directory to register for the event. For helpful hints to using Ravenna, please click here. Open House dates for fall 2019 will be posted in September 2019. Please visit our Admission Events page for information about spring 2019 tours.

2. Apply online

Apply Online

We are no longer considering applications for the 2019-2020 school year. However, if you are interested in submitting a late application, please contact Jenna King, Director of Admission and Enrollment, at before submitting an online application.

We require families to complete a two-part application. Complete our online application by starting an account in Ravenna at Look for Riverdale Country School in the Online Directory to begin your application. You must submit the admission application and $60 application fee before you will be able to schedule your interview appointment.

Please submit your Preliminary Forms (Admission Application) by Thursday, November 15, 2018. The Final Forms (all supplemental materials) are due on Monday, January 7, 2019. If you are interested in submitting a late application, please contact the Admission Office before completing an online application.

Riverdale provides application fee waivers for students from the following programs: Boys Club, Breakthrough New York, De La Salle Academy, Early Steps, George Jackson Academy, Oliver Scholars, Prep for Prep, REACH Prep, and TEAK. Applicants from the A Better Chance Program will also receive fee waivers. A Better Chance students will be contacted by our office when they are invited to apply. If you require a fee waiver, regardless of your participation in these programs, please contact the Financial Aid Office at

Please note that the student name, parent name(s) and address(es), and sibling name(s) are entered in the Student Profile. If you need to make changes to this information, please click Go Back to Applications and then click Student Profile on the left.

3. Schedule an interview and tour

Schedule an interview and tour

Grade 6 Applicants: Interviews will take place in November and December. We will contact you after October 15 to schedule your interview. If you are moving from out of town, please contact the Admission Office directly at (718) 519-2715. Each visit is scheduled for approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes, as it includes the group assessment experience (1 hour and 30 minutes) and an optional tour (1 hour and 15 minutes). If you take a campus tour as part of the Admission Open House, it is not necessary to take another tour on the interview day, as the tour route will be the same.

Grade 9 Applicants: Applicants to 9th grade will participate in a one-on-one interview and a group interview, which will take place on the same day. We will contact you after October 1 to schedule your interview. If you are moving from out of town, please contact the Admission Office directly at (718) 519-2715. Each visit is scheduled for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, as it includes the one-on-one interview, the parent interview, and the group assessment experience. Campus tours are not provided on interview days. However, we provide two options for families who wish to tour the campus: you may tour the campus during our Open House, or you may sign up for a group tour, which will be led by our admission team on designated days.

Grade 7, 8, 10, and 11 Applicants: Please contact us to schedule your child's interview at least 24 hours after you have submitted the Preliminary Forms of the application. We will begin accepting interview appointments on September 27, 2018. The deadline to schedule an interview is Friday, November 16, 2018. The Middle and Upper School Admission Office can be reached at (718) 519-2715. Middle and Upper School applicants may interview between October 1 and December 21, 2018. Each interview is scheduled for approximately 45 minutes. The visit is designed as a one-on-one interview to individually assess each candidate. During this time, your child will spend approximately 25-30 minutes with a member of our Admission Team. We also meet with the parents or guardians who accompany the child for about 15 minutes. This is an opportunity to ask questions and to share information about the child. You may opt to take a student-led tour as part of your interview appointment, or you may participate in a campus tour as part of the Admission Open House.

4. Ask current school to complete school report & teacher evaluation forms

Ask current school to complete school report & teacher evaluation forms

Please login to your Ravenna account to send the school reports and teacher evaluation forms to your current school electronically. Please print a transcript release form for your school, so they can provide an official school transcript, which should include the previous year's grades as well as those grades for the first quarter or first trimester of the current academic year. If the applicant attends a school that does not issue a report card before January 7, 2019, the family should contact the Admission Office to notify us of the expected date of the first marking period report card. We recognize that each school has its own report card schedule.

You will be able to request teacher recommendations through the Ravenna system by assigning the form to a teacher via e-mail. If the school requires paper forms, you have the option of printing them through Ravenna. Fifth-grade students who have different teachers for English and math should ask both teachers to complete a teacher recommendation form. If the school has a policy that teachers cannot complete recommendation forms, we urge parents to notify the Admission Office of that policy.

All transcripts and teacher recommendations are due on Monday, January 7, 2019.

Please note that if you try to print any forms through Ravenna, you should first ensure that your Pop-up blocker is turned off.

Finally, please recognize that financial aid form status will not be updated in Ravenna. Please check the TADS system to monitor your financial aid application.

5. Register for testing and Character Skills Snapshot

Register for testing and Character Skills Snapshot

Riverdale Country School requires that applicants to Grades 6 -12 take either the ISEE or the SSAT test. Both tests consist of multiple-choice questions and an essay. Students are evaluated on their quantitative, math, reading, and verbal skills. Although neither testing agency scores the essay portion of the test, the Office of Admission will receive a copy of the essay and will use it to evaluate the applicant’s writing ability. Both of these admission tests are administered in the New York City area on Saturdays throughout the fall and winter. Visit the ERB website or the SSAT website as soon as possible to schedule a test date. Please note that standardized test scores are just one of the factors that go into our decision-making process.

One must register for these tests about a month prior to the test date. We strongly recommend that testing be completed in October, November, or December. Testing must be completed no later than January 6, 2019.

We will mark this step complete once we have received your test scores. Please ensure that Riverdale is listed as a score recipient. Our school code for the ISEE is 333920. For the SSAT, our code is 6052. If you have any questions about the testing or about receiving a fee waiver to help with testing costs, please contact us at (718) 519-2715.

At Riverdale, we recognize that character and personal growth are an integral part of a student's education. We ask applicants to grades 9-12 to complete the Character Skills Snapshot, an assessment tool that provides our admission team with additional information about your child's strengths beyond the grades and test scores. For more information, please visit If you have any questions about registering for this assessment, please contact the Admission Office. 

We Use the Character Skills Snapshot

Need Assistance?

If you have questions about the Ravenna application, please e-mail

If you have any other questions about the Middle or Upper Schools or the application process, please contact us at (718) 519-2715.

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