Campaign Co-Chairs
Jane Lisman Katz '65; P'01
Linda Lewis Lindenbaum '54; P'77, '81
Thomas and Janet Montag P'11, '13, '18
David '80 and Deborah Roberts P'06, '08, '12
Jamie Tisch P'18, '18

Executive Campaign Committee
David and Allison Blitzer '87; P'20, '22, '24, '24, '27
Tory Burch P'16, '16, '19
Glenn and Eva Dubin P'15, '19
Jason and Chloe Epstein P'24, '26, ’26 
David '58 and Linda Frankel
Michael Karsch and Erica Tuft Karsch '90; P'22, '25, ’27
Marc Lipschultz and Jennifer Smith Lipschultz '89; P'21, '23, '26, '30
Larry and Sarahmay Robbins P'18, '19
Allan and Maxine Rose P'75, '78, '22
Ricky and Mara Sandler P'17, '19, '21
Richard Scharf and Dana Golding P'18, '21, '26, '29
Curtis '76 and Carolyn Schenker P'13, '15, '19
Steve Tisch P'18, '18
Leonard and Beth Wilf P'13, '16

Campaign Committee
Gerald and Gwen Adolph P'23
Darren Anikstein and Rebecca Levy Anikstein '99; P'28
Joshua and Juliet Berkowitz P'15, '19
Brad '85 and Tamara Bernstein P'16, '19
Michael and Lorraine Burgio P'18
Christopher Carrera '84 and Emily Chen
John '91 and Rosanna Castle P'28
Aaron and Louise Chaus P'22
David Chiang and Vannita Simma-Chiang P'25
Dev and Sonya Chodry P'24, '27, '27
Mark Clyman '97 and Liz Strauss Clyman '97; P'27, '31
Jonathan Dorfman and Melissa Kaish P'16,'20
Kenneth and Shari Eberts P'21, '23
James and Hollis Forbes P'17, '22
Jonathan '78 and Amy Gallen P'15, '18, '20, '23
Aaron and Stephanie Goldman P'27
Peter '73 and Josephine Grayson
David and Marty Hamamoto P'11
Josh and Marjorie Harris P'18
Sandra Kim Hoffen '83
Bob Horne and Laurie Lindenbaum '81; P'15, '19, '20
Mark Hostetter '77 and Alex Habib P'20, '22, '22
Ted '77 and Barbara Janulis P'11, '14, ’17
Warren and Allison Kanders P'20
Andrew and Betsy Lack P'18
Dean and Mara Landis P '16, '17
Craig and Katherine Lucas P'15, '17
Fritz and Lee Michel P'22, '24
Alan Mnuchin '78 and Alessandra Rampogna P'28
Steven Mnuchin '81
Anand More and Sonal Bhandari P'21, '25
Martin O'Neil '78
Dean and Roxanne Palin P'19, '22
Maury Povich and Constance Chung Povich P'14
Dan Rosen '92 and Carolyn Braun Rosen '92; P'22, '24
Jacqueline Pugh Sackler '95
Christopher Sales and Lisa Gustavson P '23, '26
Irwin and Daryl Simon P'13, '18
David and Deborah Sonnenberg P'15, '16, '20, '22
Kayser and Keiko Strauss P'27
David and Emily Tobin P'21, '30
Jeff '77 and Penny Vinik
Gregg and Stacey Weinstein P'16, '18, '18
Elizabeth Heyman Winter '99
Tim '57 and Nina Zagat 

Junior Campaign Committee
Joe Goldschmid '04
Ian '03 and Stefanie Group
Neil R. Hamamoto '11
Regina Goldman Krumholz '04
Michael Milstein '07
Jonathan Misk '03
Omari '05 and Kira Ramirez
Stuart Tishman '07
Spencer Zakarin '07

As of July 1, 2017

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Ann Grasing
Chief Development Officer

Alicia Sells
Development Officer

Riverdale Country School

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Lower School
1 Spaulding Lane
Bronx, NY 10471
LS: (718) 549-7780

Middle/Upper School
5250 Fieldston Road
Bronx, NY 10471
MS/US: (718) 549-8810

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Riverdale teaches students to become lifelong learners by fostering "growth" mindsets. Go There ><

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The River Campus offers a spacious, natural setting for our youngest students, inspiring learning and play. Go There >

Riverdale offers "STEAM" (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) teaching to Lower School students. Go There >

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Middle School students explore hands-on learning through the Riverdale Maker program. Go There >

Project Knowmad allows Middle Schoolers to learn in a different way, using NYC as their classroom. Go There >

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Riverdale teaches students to make connections through our interdisciplinary programs. Go There >

The club and activity program encourages students to explore their passions and try new things. Go There >

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About 80 percent of Upper School students participate in athletics. Go There >

Riverdale's Hill Campus has an indoor pool, football stadium, weight room, and 3 playing fields. Go There >

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Riverdale has entry points in Pre-K, Kindergarten, 6th, and 9th Grades. Visit our campus today. Go There >

Approximately 20 percent of Riverdale students receive some level of financial aid. Go There >

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Last year's Annual Fund totaled nearly $5 million in gifts from alumni, parents, and friends of the school. Go There >

Have you included Riverdale in your estate plans? Please let us know and join our expanding group of Hackett Planned Giving Society members today. Go There >

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