QUAD Class Correspondents

Please send all Class Notes to alumni@riverdale.edu.
Deadlines are October 1 for the Fall/Winter edition and April 1 for the Spring edition.

Richard D. Rosenblatt
1946Elizabeth Eidlitz
1948Victor S. Noerdlinger
1950Bina Pawley
1951Karl R. Heiser
1952Barbara (Dean) Schuler
1953Gail (Fletcher) Edwards
 William H. Gardner
1954 Nancy (Bomeisler) Nightingale
1955Jane (Samet) Rogers
1956Barbara (Berger) Goldman
1957Judith Austin
 Richard E. Bates
 Sue (Jacobs) Schaffzin
 Martin A. Zelnik
1958David F. Lahm
1959Micki Seligson
 Geoff Howard
1960E. Harvey Meer
1961Lawrence Rosenbluth
1962Joseph Pickard
1963Stephen R. Blank
 Peter W. Philip
 Paul K. Safer
1964John H. Jiler
1965Gail Hart
 Melissa Gordon
1967Mary Lou (Gilbert) Scott
1968John M. Davis
1969Susan Tembeck Riccardi
 Nancy Duff Bohem
1970David Asencio
 Robert Kahn
1971Jerry J. Fall
 Charlotte (Jones) McCormick
1972Elizabeth S. Lasdon
1973Anthony Melchior
1974Roger Sherman
 Donnamarie Barnes
1975Jonathan J. Beitler
 Jeffrey J. Russell
1976Daniel Easton
1977Fran Hoffinger
1978William McGowan
1979Lori (Tarnopol) Moore
1980Dana Swinsky Cantelmo
1981Elizabeth A. Holoubek-Sebok
 Lisa (Burge) Swotes
1982Meryl Poster
1983Eric Yamin
1984Eve (Reppen) Rogers
1985Allison J. (Unger) Brody
1986Sanford E. Cannold
1987Karyn (Boosin) Leit
1988Stacy J. Grossman
1989Allison R. Rouse
1990Jeffrey L. Korenman
 Achikam Yogev
1991Stefanie (Firtell) Donath
1992Laura J. Kleinman
1993George D. Creppy
 Alexis Higgins
1994Danielle J. Englebardt
1995Brittany Podell Levin
1996Lara M. Metz
 Timothy F. Morehouse
1997John C. Kirkham
1998Jessica (Endelson) Baum
 Catherine (Silver) Smith
1999Matt Balaban
2000Lana (Jacobs) Edelman
2001Samantha A. Acunto
 Adam M. Brenner
 Alex P. Horn
2002Samara J. Fetto
 Benjamin Z. Koblentz
2003Adam R. Heller
 Ariel C. Schneider
2004Brandon Cohen
 Cristina E. Haley
2005Daniel A. Perelstein
 Amy R. Schneiderman
2006Tracy Dansker
 Eric B. Nusbaum
2007Kate Lehrhaupt
2008Michael Roberts
 Andrew J. Taub
 Zoe S. Zetlin-Fishbein
2009Daisy Hackett
 Josh A. Howard
 Joshua S. Pearl
 Elizabeth G. Phillips
 Ashley M. Rainford
 Alyssa J. Smith
 Danielle Suchman
2010Ethan Gracer
 Michael Shelton
 Ali Kokot
2011Laura Berman
2012Chloe Getrajdman
 Jay Dessy
2013George Niedermayer
 Khari Dawkins
2014Travis Brady
 Saranya Vijayakumar
2015Corey A. Morrison
 Robert Proner
2016Christian Eggers
 Jake Fallek
2017             Luis Perez
                      Zoe Schwartzman                   
                      Ava Levinson                          
As of September 7, 2017

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Riverdale teaches students to become lifelong learners by fostering "growth" mindsets. Go There >

Riverdale encourages students to develop a sense of well-being. Mindfulness activities promote calm, focus, and self-reflection. Go There >

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The River Campus offers a spacious, natural setting for our youngest students, inspiring learning and play. Go There >

Riverdale offers "STEAM" (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) teaching to Lower School students. Go There >

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Middle School students explore hands-on learning through the Riverdale Maker program. Go There >

Project Knowmad allows Middle Schoolers to learn in a different way, using NYC as their classroom. Go There >

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Riverdale teaches students to make connections through our interdisciplinary programs. Go There >

The club and activity program encourages students to explore their passions and try new things. Go There >

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About 80 percent of Upper School students participate in athletics. Go There >

Riverdale's Hill Campus has an indoor pool, football stadium, weight room, and 3 playing fields. Go There >

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Riverdale has entry points in Pre-K, Kindergarten, 6th, and 9th Grades. Visit our campus today. Go There >

Approximately 20 percent of Riverdale students receive some level of financial aid. Go There >

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Last year's Annual Fund totaled nearly $5 million in gifts from alumni, parents, and friends of the school. Go There >

Have you included Riverdale in your estate plans? Please let us know and join our expanding group of Hackett Planned Giving Society members today. Go There >

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