Annual Fund Volunteers

Each year, a dedicated group of parents and alumni volunteer their time and efforts to support the Annual Fund. In addition to making their own gifts, they work closely with the Development Office, reaching out to their peers to encourage Annual Fund support. Annual Fund volunteers make phone calls, send emails, and occasionally make face-to-face appeals, depending on their preference and comfort level. All of their efforts are supported fully by the Development Office to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

The efficacy of peer outreach is undeniable: During the past few years, we have seen real growth in parent participation (from 59% to 78.2%) and alumni participation (from 13.6% to 18.8%). Collectively, our volunteers connect with hundreds of their peers, greatly extending the reach and success of our office.

Not only do volunteers help the school in important ways, but volunteering can be an extremely rewarding experience for participants, as well. It provides meaningful opportunities for alumni and parents to connect (or reconnect) with classmates or fellow parents while furthering a common goal of supporting the Riverdale community.

If you are interested in becoming more involved as an Annual Fund volunteer or for additional information, please contact Marie Capasso.

To recognize their efforts and successes as Annual Fund volunteers during the 2016-2017 academic year, we are delighted to list all volunteers who also supported the Annual Fund with gifts of their own. (Parents are included with the class years of their children who were enrolled at Riverdale for the 2016-2017 school year.) A special thank you to returning volunteers and a warm welcome to new volunteers (noted in italics below).

2016-17 Annual Fund Volunteers

Annual Fund Leadership

John Castle '91, P'28, Board Liaison to the Annual Fund

Stefanie Firtell Donath '91; P'28, Lower School Co-Chair
Lisa Gustavson P'23, '26, Lower School Co-Chair

Richard Diamond P'21, '23, Middle School Co-Chair
Pamela Adler Hirsch '90; P'19, '22, Middle School Co-Chair

Michael Burgio P'18, Upper School Co-Chair 
David Steiger P'19, '22, Upper School Co-Chair 

Rebecca Levy Anikstein '99; P'28Jenna Langel '06
Danielle Bajakian P'25, '28Anabelle Larena P'18, '20
Harrie Bakst '03Kate Lehrhaupt '07
James Bandler '85Deborah Luskin P'19, '22, '22
Jessica Endelson Baum '98Kate Meckler '93
Hillary Beckman P'26Tony Melchior '73
Debbie Brand P'19, '21Fritz Michel P'22, '24
Hsing Chieh Chang P'27Candice Levy Miller '99
Amy Chasen P'20, '24Pamela Morrison P'26
Cynthia Cho P'24, '26Emily Moore Murray '94
Penelope Clark P'19Ifeoma Nwugbana P'25, '28
Liz Strauss Clyman '97; P'27Francesca Olivieri '86; P'19
Daphne Davidson P'18Owen Pell P'17
Susan Drossman Sokoloff P'17Michelle Perlin '07
Edith Fassberg P'18, '21, '26Philippa Portnoy P'20, '20
Liz Fernandez P'23Omari Ramirez '05
James Forbes P'17, '23Scott Rodeo '14
Hollis Forbes P'17, '23Jen Rothschild '08
Amy Gallen P'18, '20, '23Elyssa Goldberg Ruzal '98
Leslie Gittess Brodsky P'19, '21Phillip Safran '13
Joseph Goldschmid '04Julia Sesler '14
Kameil Grant-Knight P'26Lisa Sharkey P'18
Maggie Heller Greebel '99; P'27Alison Ginsberg Shefter '89
Ian Group '03Jessica Elghanayan Shell '95; P'28
Scott Group '05Roger Sherman '74; P'20
Jessie Harris P'26Rev Siegal P'25, '27
Betsy Fields Hayes '86Teri Silvers P'19, '23
Jason Horowitz '06Catherine Silver Smith '98
Alison Hyman '13Lauren Sorrell P'27
Alyssa Katz P'23, '27Ari Steinberg P'22, '27
Amy Katz P'17Danielle Suchman '09
Mark Krentzman P'19Vicki Walcott-Edim P'23, '28
Alana Krug '98Kimberly Whitfitt P'19
Brian Landzberg P'20Joe Wong P'21
 Keyu Zhu P'26

For More Information

Marie Capasso
Senior Manager of Annual Giving 

"Our daughter's Riverdale experience has been extraordinary. I enjoy connecting with other parents [as an Annual Fund volunteer] and discussing how annual gifts are used to benefit today's students."

-Linda Laret P'15

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