The Class of 2020 experienced many firsts at Riverdale, including the first remote learning program in their senior year.

Josh Abramson joined Riverdale in 9th grade. He enjoyed his classes and developed many passions outside in Crew, Outdoor Club, and the Maker Lab!

Destinee Adams At Riverdale since sixth grade, Destinee loves the arts, is on the dance team and sings in chorus and the Rivertones. An exceptional leader, she loves creating and sharing learning activities for the BSA affinity group.

Justin Aguirre is a Bronx native, world traveler, rapper extraordinaire, soccer aficionado, sushi connoisseur.

Deviki Arora Smart, witty and spirited, Devi’s eyes twinkle with excitement at the prospect of an abstract philosophical discussion in ILS.

Andrew Bank came to Riverdale in ninth grade. He joined the Riverdale Review and rose to managing editor, while also shining in the accelerated science program.

Evie Barenberg entered RCS in ninth grade. She is a singer-songwriter, actor, and improv comedian and loves history, literature, and urban studies.

Carly Barovick During Carly’s 14 years at Riverdale, she tapped into her creativity and found both her inner filmmaker and her passion for the written word.

Eloise Benissan joined Riverdale in 11th and loved her experience with inspiring teachers. An excellent athlete, Eloise developed lasting friendships among her peers.

Michael Berg began Riverdale in fifth grade. He has loved his time at Riverdale – his friends, teachers, and administrators. They all have driven his curiosity as he pursued his passions in math, politics, aviation, sports, and scuba diving.

Justin Berger From kindergarten to graduation, Justin has inspired us with his grit, integrity, and strength of character. We love him for his probing questions, his thoughtful conversations, and for his ability to take a nap in the hall between classes.

Brendan Berkman started at Riverdale in kindergarten.  He has loved all of his classes and teachers, the sports  – cross country and tennis – and most of all his classmates, many of whom will be lifelong friends.

August Biggio started at Riverdale in 10th grade. He loved being on the baseball and track teams, and the Constructing trip to DC was a real highlight!

Mari Binstock has been at Riverdale since kindergarten, discovering her love for music, language, and fencing.

Kylie Blitzer Started in 4th from London; smiling Kylie loves politics, books, class discussion, being Debate co-captain, field hockey goal scorer, and highly values her RCS friends.

Anastasia Brajovic moved from London and fell in love with Riverdale. She loves Bio, Phys Calc, Outing Club, and Crew

Nate Braus is a Falcon through and through. He loves his friends, his football and baseball teams and the amazing times he’s had at Riverdale! Thank you RCS teachers, coaches, and administrators for making his time so great.

Ethan Brous Since ninth grade, Ethan has made lifelong friends, fostered a love of learning, and had many wonderful teachers. He enjoys golf, finance, astronomy, and a good game of poker.

Kimberly Buehler Kim’s seven years at Riverdale have been marked by tremendous intellectual and personal growth and change, but her love of soccer, writing, and her friends has only gotten stronger.

Ali Burbano Ali, since you started at Riverdale in seventh grade, you have grown into an artist, a traveler, and someone who stands up for what they believe in. We cannot be more proud of you and we are wishing you a very bright future.

Carly Chasen At Riverdale for 13 years, Carly’s highlights are leadership roles for Zawadi and the Alabama community service trips, and the Alzar School. She will miss her friends and eating candy in Ms. Crocker’s office!

Emily Chen Emily Chen is passionate about community service, the outdoors, and gardening. She is an avid cook and photographer.

Obi Chijioke Since sixth grade, Obi has demonstrated great leadership and intellect. He has contributed to the RCS Science Research program, many athletics teams, and to BSA, and DAIS. We are so proud of his accomplishments.

Emily Chudy joined Riverdale as a 6th grader. After a break for some ski racing, she returned to Riverdale for the intellectual challenge and found a passion for painting.

Celine Chung Celine is a talented artist, loves art and nature, and also loves to eat goodies! She is grateful to have attended Riverdale, and is excited for new adventures!

Elliott Cooper For 14 years, Elliott has particularly loved working in the maker spaces, the theater and theater tech labs, and comedy lab, and being on outdoor adventures with friends.

Austin Cox Since eighth grade, Austin has enjoyed acting classes, cross country, teaching a self-designed finance course, managing baseball, and a spectacular RCS trip to southern Africa. Most of all, he has formed wonderful friendships.

Angus Craige has made lifelong friendships on his soccer and baseball teams. His favorite courses were Constructing America and Integrated Liberal Studies. His most memorable feat was an aerial cartwheel during a soccer game!

Marlowe Dalton has been at Riverdale since kindergarten. She has loved playing on the varsity tennis and golf teams as captain, and she has enjoyed teaching Riverdale’s first ever Holocaust mini-course.

Andrea Dammert Dueñas is going to miss being on Jones Lawn with friends, going to Homecoming to support RCS, and learning from the teachers who helped her along the way.

Patrick Davidson In four years, Patrick grew immeasurably intellectually, loved his football & basketball teams, was proud co-managing editor of the Riverdale Review and co-president of the student body, and made great friends. Thanks RCS!

Lily Deutsch Lily’s 14 years at Riverdale have flown by. She became a passionate learner, made lifelong friends, and grew into an amazing young woman. Riverdale will always be a part of her.

Sam Devorsetz started in eighth grade. He’s made great memories and lasting friendships especially while playing jazz, studying Comp Sci, playing on the squash team, and so much more. Thank you RCS!

Mac Ditton Mac has been at RCS since Pre-K. It’s been amazing to watch him and his cohorts emerge from Riverdale’s wonderful cocoon as fledgling adults, ready for life’s adventures!

Katie Dorfman has loved her time at Riverdale with her friends and teachers. Since arriving in fourth grade, Katie has created art, song, poetry, joy, and laughter – pursuing her passions in and out of the classroom.

Alex Egol has loved his time at Riverdale. He played piano whenever he could, founded the sports analytics club, and made great friends. Thank you Riverdale!

Morgan Eilers Since ninth grade – from field hockey to chorus to bioethics – Morgan has loved her time in and out of class with faculty, administrators, and coaches, and cherishes her amazing friends.

Evan Eldermire has been at Riverdale since kindergarten. He is kind, hardworking, and has a unique sense of humor. He is involved in many sports and clubs. He loves the outdoors and hanging out with his friends.

Jonathan Faber Kindergarten through 12, Jonathan brought cheer to the classroom and agility to the field: all-state WR, football/baseball captain, and all-around team player!

Gabriel Feldman Gabriel will never forget pitching and running in Van Cortlandt Park, sax at the Jazz Standard, and great teachers and friends at RCS!

Scott Fischer A no-nonsense go-getter who loves the camaraderie of team tennis and has a true New Yorker’s dry sense of humor.

Jennifer Frank is compassionate, adventurous, and incredibly resourceful. An RCS student since kindergarten, she shines on the soccer team, leads Mock Trial, and edits for the newspaper.

Grace Gallen Riverdale has been Grace’s classroom, stage, and garden since Pre-K.  She has flourished in its challenges and opportunities – intellectual, theatrical, and extra-curricular.

Mason Geller Mason leaves Riverdale with incredible memories that include SFC, Detroit, influential mentors, and forever friendships, which have all cultivated his authentic passion for learning.

Elie Genatt    Elie loved scoring goals, saving goals, and having goals, while debating for and against and always having the very best of friends, teachers, and coaches. ♥RCS!

Jason Goldring Jason, a Riverdale lifer – starting his RCS journey in kindergarten – has a love for languages, history, and the bus ride.

Matthew Gordon joined Riverdale in ninth grade and discovered his passions for competitive swimming and computer science.  He has loved design lab.

Sam Gordon has committed himself to soccer, his friends, his classes, and games of all types.  He has true Riverdale pride.

Antonia Green has been at Riverdale since kindergarten. She has come to love her classes, squash, lacrosse, and all her teachers and friends. 

Kate Groves Riverdale is a long way culturally and geographically from rural Minnesota, yet Kate has loved the RCS community and learned so much. Thank you, Riverdale!

Nico Haam joined Riverdale in seventh grade, where he rediscovered fencing and pursued his interests in technology, philosophy, and game theory

Phoebe Hoffman Artistically expressive. Mathematically creative. Honest. Funny as $#!%. Phoebe Hoffman is proof that great things come in small packages.

Rachel Horne has loved and grown at Riverdale. Great classes, supportive teachers, fun in girls varsity soccer and squash, and special friends.

Lani Hostetter-Habib Lani has been a tri-season athlete in field hockey, swimming, and softball; 14-er (since pre-K);  Disney fan; glass-full optimist; world traveler; and LEGO master.

Eliot Ingersoll Eliot has demonstrated remarkable discipline, focus and creativity over the last several years at Riverdale— and of course pulling everything off in style!

Kaj Jensen started at Riverdale in seventh grade. He really enjoyed Constructing America, water polo, and the Testostertones.

Nico Jimenez Lozano Thanks to RCS, Nico has explored the world metaphorically and literally, digging deeper into all subject areas and traveling to France, Australia, and New Zealand as well as within the U.S.

Ila Kacker Ila has loved her time at RCS – she was co-captain of both the girls varsity basketball and softball teams, and loves to spend time with her friends!!!

Nicole Kagan There’s a “before” and a “since” Riverdale Nicole. Her “before” was curious, diligent, fun. Her “since” is wiser, stronger, more interesting, and yes, even funnier.

Ben Kaiden Starting in kindergarten, Ben has a passion for film, sports, history, and the Constitution. His favorite aspects of RCS are the friends and teachers who inspire him.

Oliver Kanders has been at Riverdale since sixth grade, making lifelong friends. He enjoys Latin, math, science, writing, and class discussions. He’s had wonderful teachers and an amazing experience.

Chloe Kasdin joined Riverdale in 9th with her magnetic smile and spirit. A captain of girls varsity soccer and swim, a coaches award, State CHIP Hat-Trick & meeting her lifelong friends meant everything. A true testament to the magic of RCS!

Ryan Katiraei Since joining the Riverdale community in 10th grade, Ryan has demonstrated a passion for reading and writing, playing water polo, and engaging in conversations with classmates and teachers.

CC Katz Co-president of Model UN and an advocate for children with developmental differences, CC – an RCS lifer – always stands up for what she believes in. With her can-do spirit and determination, we can’t wait to see what she does next!

Jacob Katz Jacob developed lifelong passions for hiking, film, travel, and language.  He will always remember his extraordinary teachers.

Zoey Katzive arrived in sixth grade. Excelled in Spanish! Loved fencing, softball, M&Ms, Rivertones, Pop & Rock, and comedy lab skits (the Office!). Had adventures in Alaska, Peru, Alabama & Detroit.

Ella Kienan Ella has spent the last five years at Riverdale growing into the beautiful person she has become.

Owen Klinsky At Riverdale Owen, never without a smile, learned to throw large balls at boys in tiny bathing suits, and debate and ILS made him a force to argue with!

Sam Klores The self-proclaimed “master of finesse,” Sam has made his unique style work on the court and in the classroom, keeping everyone on their toes. Characteristic K-12, with a “detour.”

Max Kohn Max has played in orchestra since eighth grade and has always looked forward to having a senior solo. His family writes: “Luckily we were spared having to hear it.” Haha!

Phineas Kraebber entered Riverdale in ninth grade eager to be part of Falcon’s soccer. He enjoyed horology, chamber music, Constructing America & ILS, and spikeball, pingpong, and making RCS friends for life.

Harry Landis started  at Riverdale in fourth grade. He loves sports, especially playing football/quarterback. He covets learning, analytics, and the friends he has made at Riverdale.

Eddie Landzberg Eddie has been at Riverdale since sixth grade. He is a horologist and 3-season athlete. Eddie is devoted to academics and enjoys playing his cello in orchestra!

Jose Larena Starting in 9th grade, Jose has been a member of the cross country and track and field teams, and he has been a two-time awardee of the Coaches Award. He loves his Integrated Liberal Studies  class.

Hailey Levine Hailey, a proud Riverdale student since kindergarten, is methodically organized and a note-taking whiz. She’s caring, eco-conscious and Broadway loving. She has loved being part of the amazing Riverdale community.

Jed Levinson has made his mark at Riverdale: singing “You will be Found” on One World Day, performing in musicals, and singing with the chorus and the Testosterones.

Grace Lieberman Grace’s happy place is the Riverdale campus. Whether it’s catching up with teachers in the cafeteria, or talking about or planning the next NOLA trip, nothing makes her happier.

Erxi Lu Erxi has been at Riverdale since sixth grade. She loves swimming and painting, spending time with her friends, and listening to Chinese audiobooks and songs.

Ben Marks Ben’s Riverdale community since sixth grade=friends for life, teammates, teachers, classes and experiences he has loved and will always remember.

Peter Mastropasqua Peter’s four years have been fun and challenging. He excelled at soccer and golf and was a leader in mock trial. Riverdale gave him self confidence and taught him to think critically and engage others respectfully.

Jessi McGlashan began in kindergarten and was a SOCS pioneer. She lives in Lindy, sings in the Pop and Rock band, and loves teachers and good friends who value her. 

Ava Milberg thrived at Riverdale: 12 season varsity athlete, co-head Best Buddies, newspaper staff; dove deep in her courses and made lifetime friendships.

Aaron Miller has been running around the RCS campus since Pre-K. He will leave the school with 18 school track and field records and a love of urban studies and architecture.

Sophia Moore Sophia’s been at Riverdale since the sixth grade. She’s an amazing goalie, student, friend, sister, and daughter!

Spencer Nachman joined Riverdale in ninth grade. He found a home with the newspaper, traveled the globe, discovered a love for Spanish, and pursued every opportunity to jam with his guitar.

Sophie Neugarten A soccer player, squash captain, and science enthusiast, since Kindergarten at RCS, Sophie prides herself on being a loyal friend that will leave you belly laughing.

Kelvyn Nivar Since ninth grade, and always with a smile, Kelvyn has deepened his interest in science, athletics and music through his commitment to the Science Research program, his many teams, Chamber Music, and chorus.

Sean O’Toole has been at Riverdale since fourth grade and has enjoyed classes, great friends, football, basketball, and Zawadi. Go Falcons!

Nathaniel Oakes For Nano, one year has been better than the next: six years, 15 varsity athletic seasons, four school track records, and particular interest in French, Urban Studies, and writing in all its guises.

Lucy Pan has been at Riverdale since sixth grade. An energetic and creative person, she loves her classes, field hockey, music, language, traveling, and her incredible friends and teachers! Thank you Riverdale!

Max Pasternak Max came to RCS in 7th grade. He adjusted right away and I’m filled with pride and joy watching him over the years become a well-rounded, accomplished young man.

Alex Portnoy Riverdale since kindergarten. Lifelong friends, mentors, and experiences. Tennis team, Outside the Lines, Constructing America trip, and kayaking. 

Harry Portnoy Riverdale since kindergarten. Close friends, mentors, and memories. Tennis team, Game Theory, Outside the Lines, and Riverclub Baseball.

Kyra Resnicow Kyra has been at Riverdale since ninth grade. She loves her friends there, and through classes like Constructing America and Con Law, she found her passion for politics and activism.

Cindy Rosario joined Riverdale in ninth grade. She has loved being on the volleyball team, part of Human Rights Now, and in the HOLA affinity group. She’s made great friends and will miss Riverdale tremendously!

Alex Ross Passionate about learning, music, and the Eagles, since ninth grade Alex has done it all: NOLA service; varsity cross country; co-founding Sports Analytics; and a leader for PAL and the Testostertones. He’s made lifelong friends and demonstrated grit every step of the way.Thank you, RCS!

Phoebe Rothschild Phoebe loves her compassionate teachers/mentors and the RCS community that is so much fun and welcoming to all. Memories of squash will always standout!

Noah Rubin Noah discovered his passions at Riverdale: technical theater, fencing, robotics, and a love of learning.

Olivia Salvage arrived at Riverdale in ninth grade from London. She is an avid rower and globe trotter who loves writing, singing and checking out new restaurants with her friends! 

Chiara Schmidt joined Riverdale in ninth grade, enjoyed four years of track and cross country, captaining all three seasons senior year, and loves math and Chinese.

Nick Schwarz Thirteen years since entering kindergarten, Nick maintains the same sense of curiosity, fun and adventure, and passion for sports. Most importantly, he remains a loyal friend.

Noah Seeherman Noah is a: RCS Lifer, curious academic, loyal classmate, athletic leader, dedicated team member, 4 yrs on varsity, 2-yr MVP & 1000-pt scorer with an infectious smile and a big heart.

Gabi Shammash has made amazing friends and had outstanding mentors at Riverdale. She has pursued her passions and demonstrated her love of learning in her Independent Study work in history.

Dylan Sharp Dylan started RCS with a big smile and he continued to use his creativity to make films and perform comedy which in turn had people laughing throughout the years!

Amber Shen Since 10th grade, Amber has enjoyed her classes, music, art, and most of all, the Riverdale community. She likes being positive and always carries a smile.

Nora Sherman has been at Riverdale from K to 12. She loves singing, music, art, photography, skiing, and the beach. Most of all, she loves her Riverdale friends.

Jacob Shufro has a wealth of RCS memories starting in PK: recorder concerts and plays, track meets, and baseball games. Jacob has a passion for

Carly Skop Since ninth grade, Riverdale has nurtured Carly’s passions for the environment, violin, mentoring children, world class cooking, and community service. She has developed into a resilient, warm and confident young woman who loves her RCS community & friends.

Reid Slott From day one in 8th grade, Reid loved Riverdale. The  community embraced his outgoing personality and molded him into an inquisitive student, a strong captain and teammate, and a loyal friend.

Tovi Sonnenberg has been at Riverdale since sixth grade. He developed a love for astronomy, an unusual nap schedule, and an amazing circle of friends.

Claire Stein Claire is intelligent, hardworking, and generous. She’s an immensely talented artist of all flavors (musician, dancer, actor, singer) and, best of all, a trusted and devoted friend.

Alison Topkis Beginning in kindergarten, Alison left her mark on the Riverdale stage, performing in countless musicals, plays, and chorus concerts.

Diego Torres Diego, a three-season surf and turf athlete during all four years at RCS, never met a piece of wood, canvas or complex intellectual challenge that he didn’t want to reimagine.

Christopher Trerotola-Mahon At RCS since ninth grade, you’ve learned to love yoga, history, and literature and your dedication to service and social justice, grit, kindness, and love of baseball have only deepened! Caps off to you and RCS!

Enely Turbi Alvarez Enely has had a wonderful four years at Riverdale. She has participated in activities and sports and made beautiful friendships that will last her a long time!

John Turpin Starting Riverdale in third grade, John has enjoyed his friends, teachers, athletics, and social life!  He is excited to continue his music production and management passion next year in LA and looks forward to becoming bi-coastal!

Knut Vanderbush Math.Science. Climate research. Rensselaer Medal. Alaska trips. Jazz band. Australia. Musicals. Theater. French. Friends. Varsity crew. Tennessee training camp. Varsity swimming. National Merit Scholar. Thank you RCS!

Will VanDyke has been at Riverdale since ninth grade. A person of many interests, he enjoys water polo, pitching, the outdoors, drumming, Spanish, and science.

Teji Vijayakumar has grown up at Riverdale since kindergarten, becoming a leader on the Student Council, Impressions, and AAA. She loves painting, Bharatanatyam, and her friends.

Deven Walsh marches to the beat of his own drum and at RCS played for Wind Symphony, Jazz Band, and Undecuple Threat. He is a playlist maven, basketball fan, fitness enthusiast, and horticultural melittologist!

Lily Wellington RCS daycare through graduation, Lily is an ever changing, dynamic force for creative energy, introspection, leadership, and inspiration through her writing, filmmaking, and theater.

David Westin Since PK, RCS has helped shape David’s mind and character, but it’s the community that’s meant the most to him. The friends, teams, and teachers who have helped form and make him into the wonderful young man he is . . . And is becoming.

Abigail Witter has been at Riverdale since sixth grade. Her vision, creativity, and leadership skills are displayed in BSA, vocal arts, and Impressions . She loves great friendships, telling jokes, cooking, singing, and writing.

Tobias Wolfson In 14 years, Tobias has developed from a joyous and curious young boy to a joyous, curious, and accomplished young man. RCS has challenged, nourished, and guided him throughout. Thank you!

Leonardo Zapparoli Leonardo joined the Riverdale community for 11th grade from Hong Kong. Leo has a sharp scientific mind, is a certified pilot, and speaks five languages.

Lizzie Zimmerman A three-season varsity athlete for three years, Lizzie values RCS for her close friends, funny teachers, too many bake sales, and so many steps to that lower field.