The Upper Learning Building opened on the River Campus in 2016.

Commitment to
Equal Access

Financial aid opens the door for many students to undreamed-of possibilities. As a school, we aim to attract and admit a highly qualified student body with diverse talents, interests, and backgrounds. We are devoted to supporting exceptional students, regardless of their ability to afford a Riverdale education, and we demonstrate this commitment through a robust financial aid budget of $9.2 million. Award amounts range from several thousand dollars to near-full support, with the average grant totaling $41,320.

Innovative Faculty
and Academics

As we adapt our educational approach to a changing world, Riverdale aims to provide students with the tools necessary to meet challenges and encourage a more equitable society. Not only do we seek to take advantage of new opportunities for economic and social growth and change, but also to adapt to the ever-changing educational needs of today’s students. During the past several years, we have rededicated our efforts with an emphasis on service- and experiential-learning in both our immediate community and the greater world. Funding for new and improved programmatic initiatives and professional development is critical to helping us achieve these goals.

A Dynamic Campus

Among our chief objectives for the R+ Campaign is securing a physical environment that appropriately reflects and houses the substantial curricular and co-curricular programs we offer. On the River Campus, a brand-new Upper Learning Building offers spaces that more effectively support creativity, community, and active learning. In addition, the Learning Commons provides a 21st-century library and learning lab to support the evolving needs of our youngest learners. Hill Campus updates include an imaginatively renovated Zambetti Athletic Center — which now boasts two gyms and an expanded Health and Fitness Center. These changes were made possible in large part by replacing our 80-year-old pool with a new stand-alone, state-of-the-art Aquatic Center.

Support of the R+ Campaign helps Riverdale provide an education that is deeply experiential, instills character learning in every Riverdale student, and secures the school’s reputation as a model of academic excellence.

Sandra Kim hoffen ’83


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