Why Riverdale

Riverdale’s Research and Design Lab

PLUSSED was born out of curiosity and the belief that learning allows us to grow, find purpose, and make change in the world.

The seeds of our work were planted in 2013, when we began as a lab dedicated to challenging the status quo within K-12 education.

Our goal is to support teaching and learning for everyone, in any context, through thought partnership, prototyping and building, and knowledge sharing. Our chief task is to capture and communicate new insights and translate research into practice.

To date, our portfolio has included projects from around the globe, from designing schools in Hanoi and São Paulo to launching free tools used by educators worldwide.

All of our work—from designing prototypes and strategic plans to launching new products and schools—is grounded in our mission to improve teaching and learning. We translate research into practice and help our partners build and implement systems that effect lasting change.

At this time, our work is deeply focused on supporting Riverdale Country School – on developing and improving systems of learning, cultivating new insights about how best to teach our students, and how to ensure that the Riverdale Learning Experience supports every member of our community to thrive.