At the heart of it, what does it mean to be a student at Riverdale Country School? What are the qualities of the Riverdale Learning Experience? 

Our theme at Riverdale is “mind, character, community.” In every classroom, lab, maker space, playing field, auditorium, garden, library – throughout our School, our focus is these three values. We believe these three elements comprise the foundation of a meaningful and useful life, and these are the qualities we strive to develop in and for our students. 

These are Riverdale’s goals. Mind represents Curiosity. A Riverdale graduate demonstrates a curiosity to understand the world and their place in it. Here, students are challenged and supported to ask and answer questions, to think critically and deeply, and to express their opinions in a forum of open discourse within an ethos of care.

The development of Character is the development of Purpose. A Riverdale graduate acts as a global steward and citizen. They recognize the value and dignity of other people, identities, and cultures and the importance of the natural world. Through a program of experiential and interdisciplinary that is rigorous without being rigid, they develop personal goals and ambitions that are important to a sense of purpose.

At Riverdale, Community is more than just the bringing together of students, faculty, families, and staff into one place: it is the experience of Belonging, of being acknowledged, accepted, and valued. Grounded in humility and respect for people and the planet, a Riverdale graduate will develop a lifelong commitment to making the world more equitable, inclusive, and environmentally sound. They learn how to create the experience of belonging for and with others.

We want every community member at Riverdale to Thrive: socially, emotionally, academically, and physically. Our educational program supports and inspires thriving in our students.

Our goal for every Riverdale student is that they succeed in their personal, communal, professional, and avocational lives. We know that this requires the development of Mind, Character, and Community along with the qualities of Curiosity, Purpose, and Belonging. These are the qualities that support the experience of Thriving. It is through our collective and individual thriving that our students are able to fulfill Riverdale’s mission to “change our world for the good.”