As night descends, students light up the River Campus with flashlights and headlamps, creating playful shadows.

As dusk settles in, something truly amazing happens. Lit by lanterns and campfires, the River Campus is transformed. The familiar becomes magical, and moments of joy and connection become all the more wondrous. We see a side of this campus that few do, and feel our place here all the more deeply.

Now in its second year, the Grade 2 Campout provides all of this and more to our Grade 2 students and an accompanying family member. This program intentionally focuses on the theme of connection: connection to family, peers, friends, our environment, our campus, and the natural world. Our students experience these connections daily in their classrooms, out on the playground, and on nature walks through Riverdale Park, but by pausing for an evening to step away from the day to day in favor of being present in a space, these connections and their impact become that much clearer. 

Teamwork in action: Families collaborate to pitch tents for a cozy night under the stars.

During the Campout, families and friends work together to pitch tents and build fires and enjoy a nature walk, a camp cookout, the roasting of marshmallows, and quality time spent together. The memories made will last a lifetime, and the experiences are only just beginning. The Grade 2 Campout provides a supportive introduction to the wonders of camping and the closeness with one another and nature that camping can provide. We hope that through experiences like these, many students and families will take those first steps into the outdoors and never look back. Something magical awaits us all in nature.

Students gather around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and reflecting on the inner workings of the fire, which they learned about in their study of systems earlier this year.
Families enjoy a nature walk through Riverdale Park – familiar terrain for Lower School students who use it as an extension of campus.