Why Riverdale

Middle School Project Week provides students with hands-on, experiential workshops led by faculty, parents, and outside experts. These activities encourage students to learn in new and different ways and apply their learning to a tangible project.

A Place of

On any given day, you might find Upper School students building a solar-powered drone or Middle School students playing pickup soccer on the lawn. Lower School students might be taking a “brain break,” engaging in imaginary play or climbing a tree. “Scholarly, intimate teaching” and “healthful outdoor activities” were the promise of Riverdale’s founder, Frank S. Hackett, in 1907. Today, the world-at-large continues to beckon as our students take their energy, curiosity, and creativity beyond the classroom walls.

At the Forefront
of Educational

Riverdale continues to evolve as scientists find out more about how students learn to think and develop into thriving adults. We work with dozens of partners around the world to identify best teaching practices and support our students as they grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

There is a strong focus on students advocating for themselves. It is a skill that will help them in every area in their life.

Current parent

Upper School orchestra is about more than the music. It’s about collaborating with a group.

A Supportive

Riverdale is sometimes described as high-challenge, high-support. A balanced diet improves cognition; nutritious (and delicious) food is served on both campuses. Sleep is important; the faculty manages homework so that students can participate in an array of activities without undue stress. Regular exercise and time outdoors are important for learning and emotional wellbeing; all students have time in their day to take advantage of the campuses. Mentors abound. Deans, counselors, faculty, coaches, and administrators all get to know students as people on trips, service-learning events, and co-curricular activities.

Diverse and

There is no one Riverdale archetype. There is no one Riverdale experience. Our students travel to campus each day from 117 zip codes. Nearly 40 percent identify as students of color. Riverdale students have multiple interests — Mandarin and dance, science research and crew, entrepreneurship and feminism. They learn how to be a part of diverse teams and how to engage with local and global communities.