Why Riverdale

Thriving at Riverdale

Students who thrive at Riverdale feel supported for who they are. They feel heard in group discussions. They participate in school activities. They trust their teachers, coaches, and colleagues. They have a “growth” mindset, and as they learn from people who are different from themselves, they become better communicators and collaborators and more empathetic human beings. Diversity, equity, and inclusion create educational excellence for all.

Riverdale is one of the only places I know of where you can truly be who you want to be.

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Ongoing Initiatives

Professional development for faculty and staff: Examples include the National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference, The National SEED Project (SEED), White Anti-Racist Educators (WARE), and internal groups who take part in difficult conversations about their own biases and blind spots

A Diversity Task Force with representation from the trustees, students, parents, administration, faculty, and staff that meets quarterly to address policies and practices in our community to promote inclusion.

Community Engagement Teams on both campuses that organize special events and heritage celebrations, share professional-development opportunities, and facilitate conversations to bring in under-represented viewpoints

Community time in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools dedicated to issues of social justice 

Speakers and guest artists on both campuses who reflect a spectrum of experiences and beliefs

Curriculum innovation grants for faculty to develop new courses, topics, reading lists, and other resources to reflect our global, multicultural world

Affinity groups for parents and students.

Riverdale places a high value on its people and community.

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