Pablo A. Martinez, now in his second year at Riverdale, teaches French and Spanish.

In a 2020 article for Independent School magazine, a publication of the National Association of Independent Schools, Pablo A. Martinez wrote about his search for a teaching position after working in universities and parochial schools.

Dr. Martinez died unexpectedly on April 18, 2021. Riverdale mourns the loss of our colleague, teacher, and friend, someone who appreciated our community and made a difference in our lives.

In the article, he wrote: “From the beginning, I knew I wanted to become more involved in a school community as well as make meaningful connections with students.”

He visited numerous independent schools in Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C. before taking a job at Riverdale.

Riverdale proved to be a good fit. “It’s a community that values and appreciates diversity on a multicultural and global level,” he writes. “And it’s a school that creates spaces where students, faculty, and staff from different backgrounds feel comfortable being their authentic selves on a daily basis.”

You can read the full article here.