Sloane Ptashek ’21 said that the foundation of her life was set at the Lower School.

Addressing the Class of 2028 at the Moving On celebration, she described the Lower School as “the most special place.” She recalled coming home from school with “holes in my tights and twigs in my hair, signs of a life well-lived.” She said she “tried new and exciting things at every turn” and that her passions for history and the performing arts began during those years.

She advised the students to “be open to people.” She said that that it’s “totally okay to be uncomfortable. Whenever you try something new, you may be really nervous. It’s okay. I’ve been there too, being in clubs, singing a solo, leaning into an affinity space, or even giving this speech right now. But I’ve found that this discomfort has led to real fulfillment, joy, and connection with unexpected people.”

Finally, “cherish every moment,” she said. “It goes fast.”

You can listen to her full speech here.