Riverdale provides financial aid based on demonstrated need to families who complete the financial aid process.
Riverdale provides financial aid based on demonstrated need to families who complete the financial aid process.
58,350total costs 2020-21

Total Educational Costs for 2020-21

Lunch, books, and required activities are included in the total educational costs. Families should budget for after-school care for Lower School students and transportation.

Educational Access

Riverdale has a $9.5 million financial aid budget. Financial aid allows us to have socio-economic diversity throughout the school and to support students who are the best fit for our community. We expect families to use all resources at their disposal, including employment potential, to contribute towards tuition, and we then aim to meet 100% of demonstrated need. We offer payment plans to assist with tuition payment.

Financial aid is also available for some co-curricular programs, including, but not limited to, after-school and summer programs, global studies trips, and athletic, artistic, and service-learning activities. For more information, contact Blair Parker, Director of Financial Aid, at During a student’s senior year, we counsel families through the college financial aid application process.

A Fair and Equitable Process

We offer need-based grants to families who demonstrate need through our financial aid application process. Financial aid applicants must submit the financial aid application and their previous year’s complete federal tax return. Each application is assessed individually, and applications for continued assistance are filed annually. The application process takes into account many aspects of a family’s finances including expenses, assets, debts, and income. There is no income cutoff for families receiving financial aid. Decisions about admission and financial aid are made separately, but information about your financial aid application will accompany your acceptance letter. After receiving your financial aid notification, you may contact the Financial Aid Office with questions.

How to Apply

We are in the process of evaluating our financial aid system so that we can best serve our applicant and enrolled families. We will post more information about our financial aid application process on this page after November 1. Our application deadline for prospective families will be December 15, 2020.

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