Class of 2017 Senior Gift Fund

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 for achieving 96% participation in the Senior Class Gift drive. All donors to this initiative are listed below with volunteers designated in bold. We are grateful for your support, which was used to purchase gift cards for Riverdale's environmental services, maintenance, and food services staff. Please note that members of the class of 2017 who made additional gifts to the Annual Fund or for other purposes are listed in the 2016-17 Report of Gifts.

Edward Christopher J. AllenEmmaline A. Kung
James M. ArcaraEmma L. Landis
Aliah M. BanchikLuke A. Landis
Daniela C. BarberaBailey R. Landow
Nathalia BenitezClaire R. Lazerwitz
Ryan H. BergerMorgan R. Lefkowitz
Tanner R. BhonslayAva B. Levinson
Marisa N. BrailHailey L. Lipman
Jordan S. BrickGabriella A. Lucas
Nicholas P. BrookeAlexander P. Malin
William J. BuehlerChristian P. Maloney
Liza J. ByrneCharles M. Mather
Anna R. CarterAdil B. McDonald
Amanda A. ChilesCuchulainn F. McGloin
Ethan CobbRachel McIntyre
Julia CobbRichard S. McKinney
Alexandra R. CooperJoel P. Mentor
Graham T. CorriganJack Carlos Mindich
Julian L. DazaJoanna N. Miral
Isabel S. DeutschAriana Nakhla
Julia C. FeigenChloe D. Neu
Max J. FeldOlivia L. Oropeza
Cameron W. ForbesMelissa Pagan
Marnie N. FosterAdam B. Pell
Robert N. FrankLuis E. Perez
Elias F. GabrielJacob Rhee
Sara F. Gadigian-PadgettEmma A. Richardson
Julian Garcia-SanabriaJohn M. Riggio
Julia S. GardnerJustin R. Sandler
Alexander G. GellertDaniel K. Schaw
Simon N. GibbsAden E. Schecter
Haley N. GibbsKatelyn E. Schwartz
Shane E. GilliganZoe N. Schwartzman
Caroline F. GoldbergAlexandra G. Seigerman
Charles M. GoldbergBen-Ami L. Shafer-Sull
David J. GoldmanKyle A. Sharp
Catherine J. GoodellTasfia I. Shawlin
Elizabeth A. GrossAlexandra L. Shinder
Emma K. HabermanEric S. Shlovsky
Nicholas E. HarristJack A. Silver
George N. HarveyAmanda R. Simpson
Thomas A. HarveyMaxwell H. Singer
Maria S. HatzioanidisGabriel D. Sokoloff
Eliot B. HawkinsMax G. Spirer
Nina N. HayLiel Sterling
Dayton J. HedgesRachel J. Stern
Saskia A. HeinemannAbraham W. Sturley
Gabrielle HerzigMalaika F. Swaminathan-Sipp
Isabelle S. HilderRaymond F. Toomer
Avery A. HoffmanWilliam D. Trammell
Alexander D. HolzmanNoah N. Wagner
Lawrence HuangApril Wang
Taymor IdlibyMatthew P. Weinberger
Olga IvlevaMorgan S. Wolfe
Theodore P. JanulisPhillip Wong
Christina L. JanulisJamal C. Woods
Jackson H. KarofskyChristopher D. Worrell
Remi C. KatzSung Hoon B. Yoon
Jacob L. KernAlyssa N. Zavattero
Jake E. KloresRachel E. Zemser
Dillon A. KrugNikki I. Ziebelman




For More Information

Marie Capasso
Director of Annual Giving 

2016-2017   $5,033,004
2015-2016   $4,934,904

2014-2015   $4,954,218

2013-2014   $4,448,822
2012-2013   $4,296,000
2011-2012   $4,064,008
2010-2011   $3,787,645
2009-2010   $3,426,797
2008-2009   $2,748,577
2007-2008   $3,372,462
2006-2007   $2,799,240

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