Upper School Project Knowmad
June 10–28, 2019

Project Knowmad is an experiential learning program for students entering grades 5 to 12 that runs during the summer months, right after finals and before most other summer programs begin. Courses cover a variety of subjects, including computer science, filmmaking, drawing, writing, and culinary arts.

The big deal about Knowmad is that New York City is our classroom. Students and teachers are out in the field exploring interesting ideas, meeting new people, visiting unusual locations, and working as a team. The activities are creative: writing code, taking photographs, making meals, writing scripts, designing and building your own inventions. Students work with teachers in a new way, too: as collaborators looking for answers together. Small class sizes of six to 10 students offers individual instruction and promotes sustained focus.

Project Knowmad offers innovative learning opportunities on the Riverdale campus, in New York City, and further afield.

From Citi Bikes to LinkNYC, new tech-based services are springing up across the city. Our students learned all about them in Codemad.

2019 Upper School Knowmad Courses

Art and Food • June 10-14 • Entering Grades 6 to 12

Many cultures can be experienced through the art and cuisine found throughout New York City, which also happens to be a center of art and food. Students will explore different cultural hubs throughout the boroughs, creating art, visiting exhibitions, meeting with arts professionals, and sampling cuisines. We will explore how food itself has become a cultural movement by visiting urban farms, food trucks, and artisanal food purveyors, and perhaps even meeting with food bloggers and learning how to cook some dishes. Art and Food will nourish both body, soul, and mind.

Faculty Leaders: Nicky Enright—Art; Monika Le—Mathematics

Draw NYC • June 10-14 • Entering Grades 8 to 12

DrawNYC is a weeklong experiential and plein air drawing workshop designed to explore the rhythm of New York while actively observing and drawing the people, architecture, and landscape of this dynamic city. Your sketchbooks will be filled with images from our travels. We will visit exhibitions at museums and galleries. Students will share their work on a regular basis in order to further their understanding. We will explore pencil, charcoal, ink, and watercolor. Students will benefit from individual instruction and feedback from two artist-teachers with strong backgrounds in both painting and drawing. Students will deepen and strengthen their practice. No drawing experience is necessary. Materials are provided.

Faculty Leaders: Betsy Fields; Angela Paris—Art

Explore the Five Senses • June 10-14 • Entering Grades 6 to 12

Students will explore New York City through the five senses. We will follow our noses alongside canine cognitive scientist Alexandra Horowitz on a walking tour of Manhattan. At Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Tarrytown, all of our senses will be engaged as we learn about where our food comes from and how it is grown. We will refine our sense of touch by making slime with a variety of gooey, gritty ingredients. We will visit a New York City gallery and use our eyes to view and make art. We will engage our hearing to as we create and play our own musical instruments. And each day we will eat sense oriented lunches together.

Faculty Leaders: Asya Reznikov—Art; Nicole Sin Quee—Mathematics

Film Lab • June 10-14 • Entering Grades 9 to 12

Film Lab is a collective and creative workshop. No previous experience is needed, and class size will be small in order to maximize the learning experience. Over five full days student will write, film, and edit short films or documentaries. Filming will take place on and around the Hill Campus, and equipment and editing spaces will be provided. At the end of the course student films will be screened to the public.

Faculty Leader: Milena Almira—Language

Makers Alliance • June 10-14 + June 17-20 • Entering Grades 7 to 12

Makers Week, June 10–14: Held in Riverdale's Makerspace, Makers Week is an open-studio approach to making everything from stuffed animals to go-karts. Students will learn to use all manner of tools, from sewing machines to arc welders, to 3D scanners, to build whatever cool things you can dream up.

Zombie Sleepover, June 1720: Design and build a zombie-proof structure and spend the night in it on campus the night of the summer solstice, a likely date for zombie incursion. All manner of anti-zombie strategies will be designed and implemented. Students bring sleeping bags and flashlights. All other gear will be made on-site.

Faculty Leaders: Josh Merrow—Makerspace; Jason Ruff—Art

Making it Up: Creative Writing • June 17-21 • Entering Grades 7 to 10

Students will treat the writing room like an experimental laboratory: you'll make literary concoctions of strange ingredients, and take risks in an effort to discover something new. Each student in turn will develop the 'mad scientist' part of your writing brain. You will use prompts and generate new creative work, and take inspiration from the history and culture of New York City on field trips. Also part of in-class time will be creating handmade chapbooks:a shorter-than-normal-sized book full of poems or stories, fashioned from paper and a variety of other materials. You will write, design, and create at least one chapbook of your own work. This course is open to all students: those who already write creatively as well as those interested in exploring a new method of self expression.

Faculty Leaders: Brian Mihok—Communications; Mike Willis—English

What’s Cooking: Kitchens of New York • June 17-21 • Entering Grades 6 to 9

Students will experience the diversity of cuisines in New York City through an immersive journey that explores the food and greenmarkets of select New York neighborhoods. Outings are paired with a hands-on cooking lesson in which students learn to prepare iconic New York foods, and share stories, meals, and recipes.

Faculty Leaders: Antoinette Quarshie—Global Studies & Community Engagement; Lu Li—Language; Asya Reznikov—Art


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Knowmad FAQs

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For more information, please email Georgia Tucker, Project Knowmad program director, at gtucker@riverdale.edu.

Class Lists for Knowmad 2019

In June 2019 Project Knowmad is offering 11 weeklong courses for Middle and Upper School students.

Middle School Knowmad courses

Upper School Knowmad courses

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