Endowed Funds at Riverdale

We are truly grateful to the donors who have established and contributed to the following endowed funds at Riverdale. For more information about how to make a capital gift to Riverdale, to add to the general endowment or any of the specific funds below, or to start a new endowment, please contact Ann Grasing in the Development Office.

Faculty Support

The Alumni Annual Faculty and Financial Aid Fund
Established in 2002 by the School and the Alumni Association Executive Committee, this fund jointly supports faculty professional development and general student scholarship assistance.

Frank Bertino Chair in Athletics
Established in 1983 in honor of Riverdale’s renowned football coach of 40 years (1944-1984), this fund recognizes the School’s tradition of athletic as well as academic excellence by providing the endowment income necessary to attract and retain coaches and teachers of Frank Bertino’s caliber. The fund receives support from alumni and parents, as well as from the Bertino family.

Margaret A. Chisholm Trust Fund for Faculty Development
Established in 2004 by John and Julia Lindsey, parents of Ellis ’06, interest generated from this fund provides financial support for continuing education and special interest seminars for faculty.

Forest Cobb Chair in Science
This fund was established by the Parents Association as part of the 75th Anniversary Fund in honor of Forest W. Cobb, who taught at RCS from 1925 until his retirement in 1962.

Al Davis Faculty Development Fund
Established in 1996 by the Class of 1964 in honor of Al Davis, Riverdale’s former baseball, basketball, and soccer coach, this endowment funds professional development for a teacher or administrator, in the Upper, Middle, or Lower School, who exemplifies the virtues taught by Al: persistence, sacrifice for the greater good, and team spirit.

The Frankel Family Fellows

Established in 2014 by David F. Frankel '58 and his wife, Linda, the Frankel Family Fellows are highly qualified faculty members selected to receive a grant that will allow them to pursue a personal passion during the summer recess. These grants are intended to enrich the knowledge, curiosity, and interests of the Riverdale community by encouraging members to undertake new and intriguing activities that they might not otherwise be able to pursue.

Karen Gantz and Eric Zahler Endowment Fund
Established in 1999 by Karen Gantz ’68 and Eric Zahler, the fund is used for support of the Integrated Liberal Studies department.

Arne Gronningsater Chair in English
Developed in 1981 by Alex Garvin ’58, Jonathan Stein ’62, and Tim Zagat ’57 in honor of “a learned man of letters, to perpetuate his high standards of scholarship and inspiring teaching methods,” the fund champions a multi-disciplinary program for RCS students, and is used to support the English and Integrated Liberal Studies departments.

John Jones Chair in the Fine Arts
Established in 1976 to “honor Mr. Jones, under whose leadership from 1949 to 1972 the School grew and thrived,” the Board of Trustees enhanced the value of the fund in order to provide salary support for a distinguished fine arts teacher.

The Allison and Warren Kanders Chair in Language
Established in 2017 by Allison and Warren Kanders, parents to William ’18 and Oliver ’20, this fund provides valuable resources for recruiting and retaining the highest-quality faculty, while also serving to recognize the meaningful contributions of our esteemed faculty and highlighting the continued prominence of diverse language study at Riverdale.

Rosenblatt Faculty Award
Established by Richard Rosenblatt ’44 to reward outstanding achievement in teaching, the fund supplies a faculty development grant.

P. Gordon B. Stillman Chair in History
Established in 1982 by an alumni parent (who chooses to remain anonymous) to honor Riverdale’s third headmaster, the fund is used to support the history department. In June 2011, on the occasion of the graduation of their son, J. Frederick Stillman IV, Fred Stillman and Debra Campbell made a gift to the P. Gordon B. Stillman Chair in History Fund in memory of his grandparents, Gordon and Eugenia Stillman.
Stowe Faculty Fund
Established in 1995 by Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stowe, parents of Douglas Stowe ’95, in appreciation of the outstanding teaching displayed by members of the fine arts department, the fund’s income is to be used to support faculty salaries.

The Staub Family Endowment for Faculty Professional Development
Established in 2004 by Robert and Christine Staub. This fund was created to allow faculty members to explore curriculum-related interests and professional-development activities.

Volpert Endowment for Faculty Development and Support
Established in 2005 by Barry and Teri Volpert, parents of Jack ’21, Lauren ’13, Michael ’10, and Steven ’10, income from this fund supports faculty development, especially with regard to mathematics education.

Zagat Global Fellows Fund

The Zagat Global Fellows program was established by Riverdale alumnus Tim Zagat '57 in 2015 to build on Riverdale's long history of international education. It is intended to foster a partnership among Riverdale and schools worldwide with the purpose of introducing international educators to the community for extended visits each year while providing Riverdale faculty members with opportunities to become reciprocally immersed in our partner schools' educational programs.

Financial Aid Support

Noah W. Amdur Scholarship Fund
Established in 1956 by Mrs. Morris Golub, mother of Robert Golub ’62, in memory of her father, the fund provides general scholarship assistance.

The Barbara Basser-Bigio Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 2014 by current and former trustees of Riverdale who overlapped in their service with Barbara Basser-Bigio, this fund was established to memorialize a longtime and valued member of the Riverdale community, while providing scholarship assistance to a rising senior who shows great interest in public service.

Christopher J. Carrera Scholarship Fund
Established in 1999 by Chris Carrera ’84 as part of The Campaign for Riverdale, this fund provides a substantial scholarship for one student each year.

Clive J. Davis Music Scholarship Fund
Established in 1996 by Clive Davis, father of Fred ’77, Lauren ’80, and Mitchell ’89, and grandfather of Austin ’10 and Charles ’15, the fund provides tuition assistance each year to a high school student of color who has shown an interest in contemporary music while maintaining a strong academic record.

Edward E. Ford Endowment Fund
Established in 1975 by the Edward E. Ford Foundation to provide scholarship assistance for students in grades 9-12, it has been enlarged by both the Ford Foundation as well as matching gifts from parents and alumni.

The Garcia Family Foundation Scholarship Fund
Established in 2017 by Claudio and Renata Garcia, this scholarship will be awarded each year to four students – two Middle School and two Upper School recipients – who are chosen based on their responses to an essay question and application. Unlike traditional scholarships, The Garcia Family Foundation Scholarship will go beyond the bounds of the academic year by offering recipients supplementary enrichment opportunities.

The Sol Goldman Family Scholarship Fund
Established in 2007 by Jane Goldman and Benjamin Lewis, parents of Michael ’10, the income from this fund is used for general scholarship aid.

Calvin Hill Scholarship Fund
Established in 2000 by Robert Flug ’65, contributions have been received from Mr. Flug and other members of the Class of 1965, as well as family and friends of Calvin Hill, and are used to provide scholarship assistance to a student who possesses the qualities of academic achievement, athletic promise, and personal integrity embodied by Calvin Hill.

The John R. Johnson Scholarship Fund
Established in 2007 in tribute to John R. Johnson's leadership of the Riverdale Country School community from 1997 to 2007, awards from this scholarship are used to support well-qualified students who can contribute to the diversity of the Riverdale community, and was funded by Trustees, Trustee Emeriti, and former trustees who served with John, as well as members of the Alumni Association Executive Committee during his tenure.

Klue Family Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 1959 with a bequest from Harold Klue upon the death of his first wife, Dorothy, the fund was increased substantially in 1995 by a legacy in the will of Harold Klue’s second wife, Albina, according to the terms of the Harold E. Klue Trust, and provides general scholarship assistance.

Zack Knight Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 2007 in memory of Zack Knight ’91, and all that he exemplified as a student, an athlete, and a friend, The Zack Knight Memorial Scholarship is a four-year, education-focused scholarship created to allow an academically successful and financially deserving student of color to attend Riverdale; spearheaded by the Class of 1991 and supported by the Classes of 1990 and 1992, as well as other Riverdale alumni, its vision is to reinforce the importance of creating opportunities for students who normally could not afford to attend Riverdale.

Sylvia and George Korn Scholarship Fund
Established in 1984 by Henry H. Korn ’64 and Barbara Korn Teiman (mother of Jennifer Teiman ’84) in honor of their parents, the fund provides financial assistance to low- and moderate-income families whose children qualify for grades seven, eight, or nine.

The Linda M. Lindenbaum Scholarship Fund for the Arts
Established in 2018 by Linda Lindenbaum '54 -- Riverdale alumna, parent, grandparent, and trustee emerita -- this scholarship will be awarded to a talented junior or senior who has demonstrated financial need and an interest in and aptitude for the arts.

Howard and Allison Lutnick Scholarship Fund
Established in 2001 by Howard and Allison Lutnick, the fund provides tuition assistance to a student in the tenth or eleventh grade who has shown excellence in academics and athletics.

The Povich-Chung Family Scholarship
Established by Riverdale parents, Maurice Povich and Connie Chung, this fund provides scholarship assistance to qualified Riverdale students with preference given to those hailing from the Bronx.

The Roberts Family Scholarship Fund
Established in 2012 by David and Deborah Roberts, the fund provides financial aid assistance to qualified Riverdale students. Whenever possible, students named Roberts Family Scholars will have one or more parents who have served in the U.S. military or work as a civil servant, with preference given to children of active servicemen/women or veterans, particularly entering Riverdale students.

Nancy Rosenberg Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 1989 by the family and friends of Nancy Rosenberg, beloved teacher of mathematics from 1958 to 1988, on the occasion of her death, the fund’s income is used for scholarship assistance for a student of color possessing qualities of character, integrity, and promise.

Arthur Ross Scholarship Fund
Established in 1977 by Trustee Emeritus Arthur Ross, and increased in 1982 on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of Riverdale Country School, proceeds are used for general scholarship assistance for Upper School students.

Russell Scholarship Fund
Established in 1965 by Ruth and Harry Russell, parents of Jack ’64, Anthony ’66, Peggy Russell Rosenblum ’68, Kenneth ’71, and Jeffrey ’75; and grandparents of Christopher ’88 and Andrew ’89, the fund has been increased by donations from the Russell family and the Panwy Foundation and provides general financial aid assistance.

Carolyn and Curtis Schenker Scholarship Fund
Established in 2001 by Carolyn and Curtis Schenker ’76, parents of Ally ’13 and Brad ’15, the fund provides general financial aid assistance.

The Martin Schneider Scholarship Fund
Established in 2015 through the generosity of several fencing alumni including an anonymous lead donor, this endowed fund will provide financial aid to qualified Riverdale students. In selecting Martin Schneider Scholars, preference will be given to students possessing athletic ability and interest, specifically in the field of fencing whenever possible.

Sandy S. Shaller Scholarship Fund
Established in 2011 in honor of Sandy Shaller, former Head of Lower School, this fund is awarded annually to a Lower School student who qualifies for financial aid and shares Sandy's love of reading and commitment to the C.A.R.E. program.

Barbara Simon Scholarship Fund
Established in 2002 by Marcy Simon, parent of Brandon ’10, Max ’13, and Roger ’13, this fund provides tuition assistance to a Middle or Upper School student of color.

Isabel Padro y Valiente Scholarship Fund
Established in 2002 with a gift from the estate of Isabel Padro y Valiente, who taught Spanish at the Riverdale School for Girls from 1946 to 1972, this fund provides scholarship assistance for tuition, books, computers, and other supplies based on the financial needs of students of color, with preference given to female students wherever possible.

Joseph Ward, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 1993 by Lili and Henry Kibel, parents of Charles ’80, Adam ’81, and Jami ’87, in memory of Joseph Ward, Jr. ’80, who died in 1983, this endowment provides general scholarship assistance.

The Weisberg Family Scholarship Fund
Established in 2002 by Leah and Michael Weisberg, parents of Lindsay ’98 and Jessica ’02. The fund provides scholarship assistance to an academically talented Upper School student of color for the duration of his/her time at Riverdale Country School.

Lee Whedon Stearns Memorial Scholarship Fund
Established in 1992 with contributions from Riverdale faculty and parents on the sudden death of Lee Whedon Stearns, beloved teacher of history, theater, and women’s studies from 1968 to 1992, the fund provides scholarship assistance to a female student of color, with preference given to a candidate who shares Lee’s interests and beliefs, and was increased substantially by her son Joss Whedon ’82 and his wife, Kai Cole, in 1999 as part of The Campaign for Riverdale.

The Yanai Family Excellence Scholarship Fund
Established in 2016 by Kazumi and Naoko Yanai, parents to Niko ’25 and Yohtaro ’27, this scholarship will be awarded each academic year to one or more students who exhibit academic and athletic excellence and who qualify for financial aid. In addition to tuition, endowment proceeds can be used to fund additional needs, including training, coaching, lessons, and/or school trips, that would allow the student(s) to experience all aspects of a Riverdale education to the fullest.

Marc Antony Zambetti ’80 Scholarship Fund
Established in 1991 by the family and friends of Marc A. Zambetti ’80 in his memory, the fund was increased substantially in 1999 by a contribution from Mr. and Mrs. Felice L. Zambetti, and provides tuition assistance for four students, each of whom is known as a Marc Zambetti Scholar as long as he or she remains in the School; two scholarships are designated for Upper School students: the first for a student with strong interest and skill in athletics (preferably baseball) and the second for a student interested in science, the arts, or athletics; two additional scholarships are awarded to students of color in the fourth grade or above.

Annual Fund Scholarship Support

We are pleased to recognize the Annual Fund Scholarships that were awarded for the 2018-19 academic year:
  • Anonymous (2)
  • The Alper Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Geneva Beard Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Nils and Samantha Brous Scholarship Fund
  • The Cohen Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Lauren Soloway Feld and Peter Feld Scholarship Fund
  • The Feldman/Jacobson Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Fisher Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Geller Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Glover/Cohen Family Scholarship
  • The Paul '96 and Robyn Goldschmid Scholarship Fund
  • The Keith '98 and Catherine Grossman Scholarship Fund
  • The Haidar Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Hostetter-Habib Family Scholarship Fund
  • The James/Sixsmith-Cox Scholarship Fund
  • The Janulis Family Scholarship Fund 
  • The Dolly Kapahi Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Lisman Katz Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Sandy Lindenbaum Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • The Lucas Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Meltzer Family Scholarship
  • The Anjali and Prakash Melwani Scholarship Fund
  • The Corey and Lara Metz Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Nathan Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Neuwirth Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Penn Family Scholarship
  • The Relles Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Maxine & Allan Rose Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Sackler Scholarship Fund
  • The Sandoz Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Carolyn and Curtis Schenker Scholarship Fund
  • The Shell Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Milton Sipp Scholarship Fund
  • The Tessler Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Jeff '77 and Penny Vinik Scholarship Fund
  • The Wassong Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Weiner Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Elizabeth Heyman Winter '99 Scholarship Fund
  • The Yanai Family Scholarship Fund

Program Support

Alumni Chair – Women in Education
This fund was established to recognize the outstanding women who have taught at Riverdale Country School and the income is used to support lectures on women’s issues.

Class of 1959 Social Change Fund
Established in 2010 by the Class of 1959 in recognition of their 50th Reunion, this fund provides annual stipends to two Upper School and two Middle School students each year, allowing them meaningful opportunities to take on social-change projects during summer break.

Martha and Richard Byrne Fund for Writing Programs
Established in 2004 by Richard and Martha Byrne, parents of Margot ’12 and Liza ’17, this fund supports the continued development of writing programs in the Lower and Middle Schools.

Richard Charmatz Memorial Fund
Established in 1993 by the Riverdale community, with a lead gift from Linda and Irwin Smith, parents of Susan ’88 and Stephen ’91, to perpetuate the memory of esteemed science teacher Richard Charmatz, who taught at Riverdale from 1974 to 1991, funds are used to provide financial assistance for students pursuing summer study in science.

Douglas B. Condliffe Art Fund
Established in 1994 by the family of Douglas Condliffe, a student at both the Neighborhood School (Riverdale’s elementary division for boys and girls from 1920-1972) and the Riverdale Boys School who was particularly interested in the arts, the fund provides arts experiences for scholarship students who otherwise could not avail themselves of the rich resources of New York City.

The Edelstein Family Music Fund
Established in 2017 by David and Susan Edelstein, parents to Tobias ’19 and Peter ’21, this fund supports the continued enrichment of Riverdale’s music department and program.

Endowment for Chinese Language
Established in 2007 by an anonymous donor, the income from this fund supports the development of the teaching and study of Mandarin Chinese at Riverdale.

Integrated Liberal Studies Teaching Fund
Established in 2001 by an anonymous donor, the income from this endowment is used by the ILS faculty to further the aims of the Integrated Liberal Studies curriculum in any way they deem appropriate.

Frank S. Hackett Fund for Ethics
Established in 1994 by the Class of 1944, the fund supports programs concerned with the teaching and practice of ethics within the School, and seeks to reaffirm the allegiance of Riverdale’s alumni/ae to a school that places character development at the center of education; income from the fund is applied to programs that promote ethical behavior and the awareness of ethical issues, such as community service.

Mullen Endowment for Women’s Athletics
Established in 2005 by Donald R. Mullen, Jr., parent of Anne ’11 and Sara ’10, the income generated from this fund is to be used specifically to strengthen Riverdale’s commitment to women’s athletics.

Ringwalt Memorial Fund for the Promotion of French Studies
Established in 1974 in memory of Joseph Garneau Ringwalt 1908, Riverdale’s first graduate, the fund furthers the study of French literature and culture. (Mr. Ringwalt’s son, Joseph G. Ringwalt Jr.’34, and grandson, Malcolm H. Ringwalt ’65, also attended Riverdale.)

The Clifford Ross Fellowship
Established in 2017 by Clifford Ross ’70, this fellowship provides an award each year to the graduating senior who submits the most compelling proposal for a worthwhile arts-based summer project and travel experience. The fellowship will serve to deepen the student’s vision by promoting exposure to new and important experiences in a part of the world that is new to the student.

William D. Siegel ’72 Performing Arts Fund
Established in 2001 by Bill Siegel to support music education in the Upper School, the fund is used to enhance Riverdale’s multifaceted music program, which includes composition and theory, instrumental and choral instruction, performance groups, and computer music and sound courses.

Mark Sutton-Smith '73 Assembly Concert Endowment
Established in 2012 in honor of Mark Sutton-Smith '73 by David Livingston, Katherine Ann, and Donald West King III, this fund shall be used to support an annual assembly concert. Whenever possible the concert will feature a musical performance by a young musician from Juilliard.  

George ’69 and Fern Wachter Endowment for Support Services
Established in 2002 by George ’69 and Fern Wachter, parents of Jackie ’04 and Brahm ’08, income generated from this endowment is used by Support Services to enrich program and improve facilities.

Donald West and Mary Elizabeth King Fund
Established in 2014 by Drs. Donald West and Mary Elizabeth King, this fund shall be used to support an annual Upper School assembly featuring one or two speakers presenting on the topics of history or political science.

Other Restricted Support

Roger B. Boocock Library Fund

Established by a gift given anonymously in 1996 as part of The Campaign for Riverdale and in admiration of the accomplishments of Roger B. Boocock, Headmaster from 1984 to 1997, the income is used exclusively for the needs of the Upper School library.

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