Estate Gifts

Remembering Riverdale with a gift from your estate will help to sustain and strengthen the school for years to come. Estate gifts, or bequests, can be a transfer of cash, securities, or other property made through your estate plans. All bequests are fully deductible for estate-tax purposes, which means that your gift will reduce the taxable portion of your estate and decrease federal estate-tax liability, while the school will benefit from the full amount of your bequest. You can make a bequest to Riverdale by including language in your will or living trust ascribing a portion of your estate to the school or by designating Riverdale as a beneficiary of a life-insurance policy or retirement account. 

I believe Riverdale will continue to be a leader in education. As an ‘education junkie,’ I see my planned gift as an investment in the school’s leadership and future.

Thomas C. Israel P’02

The Hackett Society

The Frank S. Hackett Planned Giving Society recognizes the generosity and foresight of our alumni, parents, and friends who have included Riverdale in their wills or other estate plans. To become a member, please the Development Office ( of your documented intentions. We welcome the opportunity to list you along with our other Hackett Society members in online and printed materials, including the Annual Report of Gifts, and to invite you to special events during the year. We recognize that not all of our donors wish to make their intentions public, so we will respect your wishes should you choose to remain anonymous.

Creating a Legacy

Your bequest may be used to create a lasting legacy by establishing an endowed fund at Riverdale. Such a fund can carry your own name, as well as that of a family member or loved one whom you wish to honor. Because of the support they can provide to specific academic programs or scholarships, endowed funds are a meaningful way to share what is meaningful to you and your family with the entire Riverdale community in perpetuity. Note that minimum gift amounts are required for creating endowed funds vary, so we ask that you contact our office for additional information.

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