A third grade student pollinates a plant with a tool that he devised.
A third-grade student pollinates a plant with a tool that he devised.

To provide a student experience that is both physically safe and pedagogically sound, our planning prioritizes the following considerations:


Protecting the physical and mental health of our extended community through health protocols and daily screenings, continued testing of employees and students, technology upgrades, and carefully planned community activities


Maximizing teaching flexibility so that we can toggle seamlessly between in-person and remote learning in response to a rapidly changing health environment


Providing an equitable and consistent learning experience that sets the gold standard for education in these times

Four students on park benches on the lawn do work on their computers
As the weather improves, students take their studies outdoors.

Year-End Planning

As warmer weather approaches and federal and state health guidelines regarding COVID-19 begin to ease, Riverdale plans to continue its health precautions, including pool PCR and antigen testing, masking, and distancing.

On the River Campus, students have resumed a five-day, in-person schedule. To provide adequate distancing, classes have been split into two groups and temporary classrooms have been created by installing trailers, setting up classrooms in the gym, and reconfiguring other learning spaces.

On the Hill Campus, tents have been erected on Alumni Field and temporary classroom spaces have been set up on the tennis courts. A large tent will be used for lunch and for graduation ceremonies at the end of the year. Middle and Upper School students will be spending more days on campus; their schedule will be determined by social-distancing requirements.

2021-2022 School Year

Looking ahead to the fall, we anticipate that we will have a closer to normal school year. It is possible that some health precautions, such as masking, will remain in place, but we hope distancing guidelines will be relaxed, which would allow students to come to school every day. Still, we anticipate that we will continue to have some trailers and tents in place to allow for flexible spaces should the health situation in our area require additional safeguards.