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In Middle School, students make new friends, discover new interests with inspiring teachers and coaches, and develop insights into how they learn best. Sixth graders change classes for the first time, learning to navigate the campus on their own. In seventh and eighth grade, they continue to develop study skills and have more choice about classes, clubs, sports, and activities.

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Students learn how to collaborate with others and experience the synergy that comes from working with diverse teams. They have opportunities to be both leaders and team members. At the morning meeting, middle schoolers meet students from different grades and find common interests and talents. Middle School assemblies introduce them to writers, artists, performers, activists, and others who have overcome challenges in their lives and work. They learn how to make a difference in the Bronx and greater New York area; they have a chance to help rebuild neighborhoods in New Orleans or Alabama. 


Students try out new activities or dive deeper into their passions. They have the chance to sing, dance, and play in an orchestra, jazz ensemble, or rock band. They can be in a musical, compete on a debate or math team, or go out for a sport. They have adventures during Middle School Project Week: snowshoeing in the White Mountains, going behind the scenes at a Broadway show, observing surgeons at work. Students enter the Upper School ready for even more opportunities to develop their sense of purpose. 

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