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Pitching in a Middle School baseball game.
Pitching in a Middle School baseball game.


The Middle School offers teams for boys and girls in cross country, volleyball, field hockey, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls fencing, boys and girls swimming, softball, baseball, boys and girls lacrosse, and boys and girls track and field. Depending on the sport, qualified Middle School athletes may be eligible to try out for an Upper School team.

The after-school program offers a chance to learn how to play squash (fall) and row crew (spring). The Falcon Club for sixth graders introduces students to a variety of activities.

Physical education classes give students an opportunity to learn about sports offered at Riverdale as well as fitness and training techniques. Swimming, yoga, fitness, capoeira, and self-defense are among the activities offered. Physical education meets three times a week and rotates on a trimester basis.

The Middle School girls lacrosse team.
The Middle School track team.
The Middle School track team.

See our team directory and athletics schedule:

Middle School Programs