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Upper School Programs

Learn How
to Learn

Riverdale students become independent thinkers and autonomous learners. They think creatively and analyze problems across disciplines. At Riverdale, students become better learners. The Delta course shows students how to make the most of their time at Riverdale. They choose from a wide variety of electives and co-curricular activities that enable them to relate their knowledge to the real world. As they develop their strengths and interests and reflect on their successes, they map out courses and activities that are unique to them, developing a sense of purpose.

Academics +

Learning is difficult and requires “grit.” Building character strengths, such as resilience, curiosity, and social intelligence, enables students to take on ambitious problems both in and outside of the classroom. They reflect on their mistakes and recognize their own character skills and the skills of others. This work is challenging. A supportive network of deans, advisors, teachers, coaches, and fellow students are there to help with difficult academic problems as well as stressful personal situations. As students develop their intellect, they develop social and emotional skills that help them accomplish their goals.

and Fun

Riverdale students try new activities that are challenging, meaningful, and fun. They join classmates on outdoor adventures and global studies trips. Students get involved in the arts, clubs, and athletics. They lead service-learning projects, engage in scientific research, teach mini-courses, and undertake independent projects. The Upper School faculty supports students as they make their ideas a reality.

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