An 11th grade Constructing America class.
An 11th grade Constructing America class discuss “A Mercy” by Toni Morrison.


Upper School humanities courses include offerings in English, history, languages, and interdisciplinary studies. All students take Constructing America in 11th grade, which is co-taught by the English and history department, and Integrated Liberal Studies in 12th grade, a multidisciplinary examination of questions of fundamental human importance that draws on philosophy, psychology, art, and literature. An interdisciplinary seminar, Thinking About Thinking, co-taught by a biologist and English teacher, explores the nature of reasoning. An interdisciplinary course for advanced Spanish students explores design and engineering solutions for Latin American countries and is co-taught by the language and art department. In addition to Spanish, five other languages are offered: ancient Greek, Latin, French, Japanese, and Chinese. Mini-courses, led by faculty and students, may address specific topics such as South African apartheid or gender in Greek and Roman mythology. Students also may do an independent study with a faculty member or a senior project in order to pursue a subject with greater depth.

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