Lower School Programs

Learning How
to Learn

Riverdale students become independent thinkers and learners. With two teachers in every classroom and the support of literacy and math specialists; art, music, drama, physical education, and Spanish teachers; learning integrators; outdoor educators; and our playworker, our emphasis on community helps students understand their responsibility to others. The Lower School comes together regularly for assemblies, buddy class activities, and heritage celebrations, providing opportunities for students and teachers alike to share their experiences and learn from each other.  

Character +

Teachers encourage students to develop character strengths alongside disciplinary knowledge. In reading, writing, and math, a workshop model of instruction allows students to develop at their own pace and to learn from collaborating with others. Classroom activities emphasize critical thinking and problem-solving. Students become agents in their own learning process as they develop grit, self-control, and curiosity.

Thinking Outside
the Box

Our campus encourages active learning, allowing students the freedom to play outside and explore the world. Science classes have an ever-changing outdoor laboratory for the study of plants, animals, birds, and the Hudson River. Students’ home-base work is complemented by hands-on experiences in the Build Space and the Learning Lab where they can design, build, and code solutions to problems that arise in class. From studying erosion through virtual reality glasses to building a geodesic dome, students engage in memorable experiences that involve real-world applications of their knowledge. 


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