Fifth grade recorder concert
Fifth grade recorder concert.


Walk the halls and you will see and hear how the arts are infused in everyday life at the Lower School. Drama, music, and visual arts teachers work alongside classroom teachers, showing how the arts can express knowledge about the world and encouraging students to make personal connections to their academic studies. Through the arts, students learn about their individual identity, explore new forms of expression, and find value in shared experiences and their community.

Lower School violin
Lower School violin students.
Kindergarten spring concert.


In pre-kindergarten through first grade, music is team-taught and integrated with creative movement and Spanish. In first and second grade, Kodaly-based vocal technique is introduced, and in third grade, recorder instruction begins. In fourth grade, children have the choice of full-year violin or cello, or general music, which concentrates on vocal technique and exposure to wind instruments. Fifth-grade students choose between chorus or strings.

Lower School students sketch irises growing in a garden on the campus.
Lower School students sketch irises growing in a garden on the campus.

Visual Art

In art, students explore a range of mediums and techniques and learn close observation and personal expression.

Fifth-grade drama production.
Fifth-grade drama production
Fifth-grade drama production.


A three-person drama team coaches students to write, stage, and perform plays that reflect ideas that arise from their study of history and literature.

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