An Environment of Thriving at Riverdale

Fundamentally, we believe that all community members should learn and thrive in order to change our world for the good, as our mission encourages us to do. Our students seek to understand the world around them, work through ideas, clarify their thinking, take action, and reflect on what they have learned. 

How does this happen? At Riverdale, we create a culture of great critical thinking, curiosity, open discourse, and innovation. We encourage young people to develop character strengths to thrive, find purpose, and grow their ability to transform their ideas into actions, and we provide the opportunity to do that in the context of a diverse and inclusive community in our school, our city, and our world. We support students in finding their own agency and developing meaning and purpose in their lives so that all members of our school community are able to thrive. 

As we look ahead, we have the opportunity to think about our strategic direction in compelling ways, building on what we have achieved over the last decade and developing a roadmap for the next few years. In particular, we are looking to develop and support several areas of strategic focus as a means of converging and refining our academic work, our institutional functioning, and our educational philosophy. 


Programs Inspiring Curiosity

We aim to review and align our curricular and co-curricular programming with our core educational outcomes focused on curiosity, purpose, and belonging as a means to promote thriving. This work will be rooted in the expansion of our experiential education programming, student research, co-curricular activities, and campus discourse.

Systems Pursuing Purpose

We will create even more opportunities for entrepreneurship, innovation, campus sustainability, and global competence for our students, while continuing to develop and share innovative educational practices with our learning design studio, Plussed+.

Practices Fostering Belonging

We encourage community thriving by ensuring curricular alignment across divisions, providing professional and individual learning experiences for our faculty, and remaining committed to equitable access for all students.

We would be happy to provide you with details about any of the above priorities and look forward to finding mutual areas of impact that will continue to move the school forward in interesting and meaningful ways. Please contact Ann Grasing, Chief Development Officer, at or 718-519-2786 for more information.


Bleachers full of students at Upper School assembly listening to Head of School Dominic RandolphAt an Upper School assembly on Feb. 24, Head of School Dominic A.A. Randolph presented the "Riverdale Statement on Campus…