Why Riverdale

Portals to Deeper Learning

The Hudson River flows alongside the River Campus. The river is not simply a river; it is a portal to learning about history, art, drama, geography, geology, environmental science, and technology. This approach to learning characterizes the Lower School program as build space and technology integrators work alongside math, drama, music, art, literacy specialists, and classroom teachers to inspire inquiry, curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. Learn more.

Connecting to
Real-Life Issues

Middle School students have opportunities to see real-life examples of how one discipline can enliven another in math, science, technology, and the arts. A speaker/guest artist series demonstrates how innovation is sparked by interdisciplinary thinking. Project Week takes students off-campus to explore new environments and meet professionals at the top of their fields.

Crosscurrents in
the Humanities

The Upper School has two required yearlong courses: Constructing America in 11th grade, which is team-taught with the history and English department; and Integrated Liberal Studies in 12th grade, a history of philosophy course team-taught by teachers in multiple disciplines. A number of electives in the sciences and humanities also cross disciplines as they address contemporary life.