Upper School students hiking a trail on the Contested Lands in the Adirondack Mountains (June 2021).

Riverdale students are challenged to work hard and develop as human beings in the time they spend on our campus. An essential part of this education encourages humanistic values such as respect, caring, empathy, and courage, which give students and graduates necessary skills to “change our world for the good.” While our dedicated faculty members work hard to inspire and motivate learning, they are not the sole sources of inspiration for their students. In addition to our teachers, students support, mentor, and challenge one another to learn, grow, and create change. The relationships created on campus are an essential part of the formative experience students have at Riverdale. 

We care deeply about everyone in our community—and we know that people learn and think better when they know that they are cared for and feel a sense of belonging here at Riverdale. That’s why financial support at Riverdale is for so much more than helping a student make it to campus; we hope that it will help them pursue their curiosity, that it will help them excel. Although the lived experience for everyone on campus will be different, the school strives to provide access so that all students can participate fully in our community. For some, that might be ensuring all Middle and Upper School students have their own computers not just so they can participate in class, but so they can continue their learning at home, or wherever they may be. The “extras” funds allow every student to take music lessons, engage in domestic service trips or global travel, have access to standardized test preparation, or take on distinctive projects they otherwise would have been unable to pursue. 

Each member of our student body brings something unique to the Riverdale community. Their individual contributions and experiences have an impact that goes beyond their own educational experience and touches those of all their peers. By ensuring access and equity for all members, we get ever closer to securing a robust and multifaceted academic community that inspires curiosity, builds integrity, promotes understanding, and encourages lifelong learning.